Heads Up: Tickets For FTU Advanced On Sale Wednesday

Just a quick heads up that tickets to the next Frequent Traveler University go on sale Wednesday at 11:00AM Eastern. In the past, tickets to the Advanced sessions have sold out within hours, so if you’re interested in attending I’d plan accordingly.

I’m not involved in the planning or organizing of the event, but what I’ve been told thus far is that the next FTU will be at the Hyatt Regency DFW Airport on April 17-19, 2015. There will be a separate “standard” track as well, and I’ll be speaking at both sessions.

I’ll have more details when the sale goes live!


  1. Cool. Thx for the heads up! I thought the spring FTU would be in Atlanta next year due to the Freddie’s. I won’t be going since I already have plans to be in NZ at that time but I hope everyone who wants to go will be able to snab a ticket tomorrow!

  2. Let’s hope the food is much better than the pathetic spread they had this past weekend, not to mention the logistics cluster ***

  3. I love that “Jason (from Chase reconsideration line) is a BITCH””Gummy bear, CHAINSAW” lady! She is the reason foe me to sign up for the next FTU advanced 😉

  4. FTU Advanced was supposed to have “Breakfast” but it was only “Coffee Service” with a bread item. Even Continental Breakfast would have had Juice, cereal, etc. To me Breakfast means Continental + Eggs, hot meat, etc. It would help if the organizers define what they plan to have for Breakfast so that hotel elite members can opt for their hotel breakfast.

    My understanding is that there is no post Freddies event in Atlanta.

  5. Yes I agree with all of you. Food was horrible! When they had FTU at hilton the food was good! Breakfast was very decent! I also noticed some speakers only focused on one or 2 airlines or hotel as opposed to sharing how to really maximize status on a number of them.

  6. We apologize, but due to unforeseen technical issues we’re indeed pushing the launch date to tomorrow. We’ll update our Facebook page shortly.

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