Qatar Airways Double Daily A350s To Frankfurt Starting February 16, 2015

My second favorite airline to pick on, Qatar Airways, will commence Airbus A350 flights between Doha and Frankfurt as of January 15, 2015. At least that’s the plan as of now. What makes this exciting isn’t just that it’ll be Qatar Airways’ first commercial A350 flight, but it’ll be the first commercial A350 flight of any airline.

Qatar Airways A350

I’m booked on the inaugural flight, and I know a few of you are as well, thanks to some great business class fares originating in Cairo. Qatar Airways has now stopped selling business class on the inaugural flight even though it’s not even half full, which says to me that they’re actually serious about the launch date, assuming it’s delivered without a single scratch and up to His Excellency’s high standards.


The rumor was originally that Qatar Airways would offer twice daily A350 service to Frankfurt by the end of January, though an exact timeline wasn’t initially announced.

They have now published their schedule for their second daily A350 flight to Frankfurt. Qatar Airways will begin offering a second daily A350 frequency to Frankfurt as of February 16, 2015, with the following schedule:

QR69 Doha to Frankfurt departing 2:00AM arriving 6:55AM
QR70 Frankfurt to Doha departing 10:45AM arriving 6:40PM


As of now the schedule is only updated through March 1, 2015, though I would guess it will be extended beyond that.

How excited is His Excellency about the Qatar Airways A350? Well, Qatar Airways uploaded an A350 video to their YouTube channel today. And based on his unbridled enthusiasm (in reading off his script), I’d say very, very excited:

And then they also uploaded this super insightful A350 video:

Anyway, color me excited! Which I don’t think I’ve otherwise ever said about visiting Frankfurt in January. šŸ˜‰


  1. @ Ben — Don’t your worry that His Excellency will show up for the inauguration and ask you to take a hike? If my ego was that big, I probably would.

  2. I really do want to know what Ben’s #1 is. I wish I could say Delta was #1 in Ben’s eyes in at least ONE context, but I have a feeling it’s La Compagnie. Or maybe Aerolineas Argentinas and their onboard fax?

  3. @Lucky Probably not important for most of your readers, but SK is cutting earning in Eurobonus from Jan 1 2015 when flying SK metal going from from one earning level for Go and one for Plus to 4 based on booking code.

    Before OSL-CPH-BCN return in Sas Plus would get you 10000 points, now if I’m reading it right you will get 3000 or 4000 based on booking class.

    And they have also changed the earning on intercontinental flights.

    Guess they ended up with too many Eurobonus Gold members for their lounges and fast track security.

    Old chart
    New chart

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