Silvercar Offering Free Gifts With Rentals For The Holidays

I’ve written in the past about Silver, the innovative car rental company that’s quickly growing in the US. They have a fleet of A4s with free GPS, wifi, satellite radio, fair toll tracking, and a reasonable fuel plan.


But what makes Silver equally interesting is that as of late they’re more or less paying you to rent from them.

Silvercar is giving out gifts through December 25, 2014

I just received the following email from Silvercar:

By all counts, you guys ate up our scrumptious WACKFRIDAY deal. Demand was through the roof, and we thank you! But it’s time to take December to the next-level.

It’s time for Gifts That Don’t Suck!

You don’t need to enter a contest or use a code—get your gift just for driving Silvercar. And we’re not just talking any gift. This is a gift that does not suck. (The only guys we know who can get away with bad gifting are Joey and Chandler.)

Our gifts include :
  • iPads
  • Beats Headphones
  • GoPros
  • $100 Nordstrom gift cards
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • Free Silvercar!

We debated on these. We think they’re pretty awesome. Maybe next year.So don’t miss out! Simply reserve, drive, and enjoy! Everyone gets a gift! You’ll be gifted at the start of your reservation. Head on over to the Trunkshow for more details and to see how the program works. And don’t worry. This applies to existing reservations, as well.

Bonus! With our new Refer a Friend program, you and your friend both get $100 for all new customer referrals. It’s time everyone experience car rental the way it should be.

Stay excited,


No registration is required, and every rental gets a gift, which ranges from a Starbucks gift card to a $100 Nordstrom gift card to an iPad. Silvercar’s blog has more information on the promotion. When you start your rental you’ll pick a random envelope which will determine the gift you receive.

So while we don’t know exactly how much of each prize they’re giving away, it actually seems to be a fairly decent promotion.


Combine this with $100 off your first Silvercar rental

As I’ve written about in the past, Silvercar has a generous referral program as well.

If you’re a new user, sign up using my referral code BSCHLAPPIG (or someone else’s), and make a two day rental by December 31, 2014:

  • You’ll receive a code for $50 off your first rental and a $50 Visa gift card after the rental
  • I’ll receive a $100 credit

Here’s more information on the refer-a-friend program.


  1. I wonder if they’re going to give away hundreds of $5 Starbucks cards and then just one of every other item.

  2. @ Robert D — Was wondering that as well. On one hand I do think a $5 gift card would sort of be a gift that “does suck,” so would counter their campaign. Then again, they can’t give everyone an iPad, so…

  3. I think that I am 2 referrals away from the extra $$$…!!! If anyone wants to help out, I would really appreciate it…!!! I have used Ben’s referral code and passed on others codes to co-workers and friends in the past…Thank you for the consideration…And for what it’s worth, for anyone that hasn’t used SilverCar, THEY ROCK…We basically picked a quick trip for this month based on where we wanted to go, where SilverCar was available…!!! #firstworldproblems ? ? ?

  4. Finally took the plunge to Silvercar with your referral code. It only says I get a $25 referral credit instead of the $100 though:

    You and your friend will each get $25 when you complete your first rental.

  5. Looks like the confirmation email actually contains this:
    Ben Schlappig wants you to make your first reservation so you can both earn $100.

    Guess they have some mixed messaging. I hope the $100 comes through.

  6. @ Julian. I got the same mixed message but I also tweeted them to see if they can fix it. I just signed up using SEM’s code. My referral code is NPAN1 if anyone wants to pay it forward! Thanks a lot!

  7. @ Julian — Some accounts seem to have that glitch, in which case I’d suggest sending them a message and they should get it fixed immediately. Sorry about that!

    Edit: Whoops, saw that the email was correct. If it doesn’t post correctly, I’d send them an email and they can fix it.

  8. The fine print on the e-mail I just received states that the value of gifts ranges from $5.00 to $356.00.

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