Increased 50,000 Mile Bonus On US Airways Mastercard

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Update: These offers for the CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Mastercard® and Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Elite™ Mastercard® are expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

For a limited time, the US Airways Premier World Mastercard® is offering 50,000 US Airways Dividend Miles after the first purchase. There is also an $89 annual fee, which isn’t waived the first year.

This is the biggest public bonus I recall ever seeing on the card. The normal sign-up bonus on the card is around 40,000 miles, so this is a great sign-up bonus. With the merger between American and US Airways well underway, one of the easiest ways to build your mileage balance in the “new” AAdvantage program has been with the US Airways Premier World Mastercard®. It offers bonus miles after the first purchase, so isn’t one of those cards with a big minimum spend threshold.

That’s a great sign-up bonus, especially for a card that may not necessarily be taking new applicants for much longer.

The card comes with some other benefits that are potentially useful, including:

  • Your first checked bag free for you and up to four companions on domestic US Airways flights
  • Priority Boarding with Zone 2 on US Airways flights
  • One companion certificate for up to two guests on US Airways operated flights at $99 each, plus taxes and fees

The best part is that you can combine this offer with the other great sign-up bonuses on AAdvantage co-branded credit cards:

As I explained in the past, this is potentially an opportunity to rack up 150,000 miles in the new “AAdvantage” program for a small amount of minimum spend and a single $89 annual fee.

Bottom line

Both AAdvantage and Dividend Miles are great programs with amazing redemption opportunities. Taking advantage of this increased sign-up bonus is an absolute no brainer.

Link: US Airways Premier World Mastercard®

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  1. Two questions:

    This doesn’t contain the 10k/year renewal bonus, does it?

    If I have one of those 10k/year cards open still, will I have any luck signing up for this card as well? I put almost no spend on it.

  2. @ AdamH — Correct, it doesn’t.

    As far as the second question, goes, check out this post:

    “Who’s eligible for The US Airways® Premier World Mastercard®? In general:

    — You generally have to wait at least six months between applications of the same card
    — Your chances of being approved for multiple cards goes down considerably if you decide to call the reconsideration line
    — There’s a lot of variance in terms of peoples’ experiences, so some have no issue getting the card every six months even when the previous account is open, while others struggle with getting a second card even when they’ve already closed the previous accounts”

    Hope that helps!

  3. Lucky,

    I got this card on November 6th and my signup bonus has not been posted yet, do you think if I request to match this offer they will?

  4. Lucky,

    Are the miles for US and AA kept separately right now or are they already combined? I am a member of AA but not US, do i need to signup or can i apply the bonus towards my AA account?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Hey Ben, thanks for the heads up here! One World redemption via US is only on R/T travel, right? No one ways at this point?

  6. @ Ginny — As of now they’re separate. That being said, in the second quarter of next year the totals will be merged.

  7. Are you sure current cardholders are eligible? Contrary to the 10/30 post, it seems Barclays is pretty clear about who is eligible for the sign-up bonus.
    T&Cs: “This offer may not be available if you already have or have had a US Airways Visa or Mastercard credit card.”
    FAQ: “This offer is only available to first-time Cardmembers…”

  8. hi ben,
    I just applied for this card and was approved, however I didn’t put in my us airways dividend miles number..can I still add these miles to my existing account/

  9. Competition between Barclays and Citi? Already have the Barclays DM card; however, the AAdvantage Platinum Select card looks enticing. I wonder if they might either drop the $3k initial spend requirement or increase the sign up mileage bonus.

  10. I called in they said if you applied November first and beyond they can match you to this offer i applied in October so they said no , however i escalated to a supervisor mentioning i always pay on time and been with you for one year and he said he would meet me half way and sent me 5000 miles!

  11. Hi Lucky, I just applied to this 2 weeks ago and got approved with the 40k bonus. Do you think it’s worth while to contact them for the 50k offer? Thanks.

  12. @ abe — I’d suggest calling them and giving them your Dividend Miles number so they can update it as quickly as possible.

  13. @ John — I doubt it, I think both cards are fairly well established for what they are. Keep in mind the AA card waives the annual fee the first year, while the US card has a lower spend requirement. So a bit of a tradeoff as it is. Could be wrong, though!

  14. No need for a phone call. I just tweeted to @AskBCUS kindly asking for 10K adjustment mentioning the recent increase in the sign-up bonus, and they simply offered 5K miles although my card was open in May-June.
    Hope it helps.

    H Song

  15. Hey Ben –

    If you sign up for the Aadvantage Platinum select, can you sign up for the Executive Platinum and receive a second bonus?

  16. Ben, or anyone w/ info, I found a very old thread on FT re: this coming as a MC World Elite, do you know how that is decided…I applied for and received the card today, w/ an outrageous credit limit, but still only World Mastercard…I know the differences are not huge, but I have actually taken advantage of some of the WE benefits and enjoyed the program…Called Barclays and went thru 4 reps w/ no luck and no clear answer…

  17. I called earlier today. My card was just activated last week. The woman said no extra 10K for me. Gonna try the tweet tip by H Song.

  18. Update: I tweeted like H Song said. They asked me to DM my phone number. Got a call and said 10K points will be added to my account. So it’s worth trying for those who just got this card.

  19. Applied yesterday and didnt get instant approval so I called reconsideration line today. They said since I had previously had the card twice before, they couldnt approve me as it was only for new cardholders that hadnt had one before. Oh well, worth a shot..

  20. I just submitted the application and got “We apologize for the inconvenience, but our website is experiencing technical issues.”. 🙁

  21. @ Angela — In many cases the application still processes, so I would give them a call and see if it went through or not.

  22. @ Brad — My understanding is that only miles earned through butt in seat flying will count (in other words, all miles ever earned won’t qualify towards status).

  23. Hi,

    I currently have the US Airways Premier Mastercard and have been using that, with an annual fee coming up.

    Question: can I sign up for the AAdvantage Citi Platinum and get the 50k bonus miles? Should I just cancel the US Airways Mastercard since it will turn into the AAdvantage Citi Platinum in Q2 2015?

    Thank you

  24. @ Rich — Yep, you sure can get the bonus on it. If the annual fee is coming up and you’re not getting much value out of the card, it may be worth canceling it.

  25. Thanks Lucky – one more question:

    I plan on applying for the AAdvantage at the end of this month. How does that program quantify the first 3 months? Would they count all of calendar December as 1 out of 3 since the account was open during the month?


  26. @ Rich — Think of it as 90 days. So whenever you’re approved you have ~90 days to complete the spend. It’s not based on calendar months.

  27. I’ve heard something conflicting – I was told just now from a friend it is 90 days from the day you activate the card. Is that correct?

  28. @ Rich — Whoops, I believe that is indeed correct with Barclaycard. Should be from activation date, though I’d double check when you activate.

  29. I’ve had the Platinum version of this card for years, but was just applied and was approved for the Premier World today. Is there any benefit to keeping both cards? Having had the Platinum card for so long, should I be worried about closing a card with such a long history? Does account age transfer to the Premier World card sinfe they’re almost the same?

  30. @ Curt — Probably not much benefit to keeping both cards. I’d probably cancel one since you probably don’t get much value to paying the fees on both.

  31. Hi Lucky, just had the personal card in aug, 2014. what are the chances of approval if I cancel it and reapply?

  32. I currently have a US Airways Barclays Mastercard and wanted to try to get the new 50K bonus before the card disappears in the merger. How long after canceling my current card can I apply for a new one to get the bonus? Any risks involved?

  33. @ Mitch G. — It all depends on the person. Some seem to immediately be eligible for the card again, while others don’t seem to be. No way to know for sure. Sorry!

  34. Was approved for the card mid-january.
    Made a purchase in February. I still don’t see the 50k bonus as of March 10th.
    How long does it usually take to post the bonus?

  35. @ R B — You’ll want to wait until your statement closes, or otherwise they may post with the following statement.

  36. I just applied for the Barclay Card USAirways, 50K bonus and got approved instantly. I already had created an account with USAirways so added the FF number to the application. I also have AA account with miles on it. Now, they asked me to merge the accounts so as to convert all the miles to AA miles. I don’t have any miles on my USAirways account as the card is on the way. My question for you is once they merge will my USAriways miles (including the bonus) be automatically part of my AA account, even if they would post after the merge deadline ( second quarter 2015)? – Sorry for the long question and thanks!

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