Etihad A380 First Class Apartment Award Space

Later this month Etihad will finally begin service with their cutting edge new A380s. The inaugural flight will be from Abu Dhabi to London on December 27, and I can’t wait to be on it in the First Class Apartment.


As is often the norm when airlines take delivery of an aircraft with a new type of “product,” Etihad is heavily restricting award space on the A380.

They don’t seem to be releasing any first or business class saver award space on the A380, and certainly aren’t releasing any saver award space in The Residence.

However, reader Carlos notes one oddity — Etihad has released A380 first class award space between Abu Dhabi and London on October 10, 2015, only.

They have two flights with two First Apartment seats from Abu Dhabi to London:


And one flight with one First Apartment seat between London and Abu Dhabi:


I don’t see any other dates or routes with A380 first class award availability, but if someone finds some, please do share below!

Obviously this won’t be of widespread use to people, though it is interesting that they seem to be releasing space on one day only. I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or something else weird, though here’s to hoping the trend continues.

If you’re one of the lucky five people to snag one of these seats, please post below! And thanks to Carlos for the heads up on this.

As a reminder, here’s a primer on searching Etihad award space.


  1. Ben, Can you do a quick recap of what points can be transferred to Ethiad (Sapphire, Amex, etc.) Also must one use Ethiad points, or can another airlines be used?

  2. @ Ken – You can book on AA for 40k miles. I also booked AUH-MEL, continuing from LHR-AUH and I thought that it would cost 80k miles (like LHR-DXB-SYD on QA), but it seems that this price only applies to Oneworld carriers. In the end I paid 40k for LHR-AUH and 60k for AUH-MEL.

  3. @ Ken — They don’t have many transfer partners, unfortunately. The one they have is ThankYou Rewards.

    In this case you could actually use partner miles, including American miles.

  4. @ lucky

    AA, contrary to what their routing rules state, does let you transit through the Middle East region fly europe to South pacific. Certainly does if you book through their website. I flew the route solely on qantas about a year ago. Just did a dummy booking to check and 19th October 2015 their is Melbourne -heathrow flying with qantas in F for 80,000 miles and £42. The only thing I can think of is that this along with SYD-LHR is marketed and sold as a direct flight????

  5. @ Eric FD — Hmm, that sounds like first class and not First Apartment. Etihad doesn’t fly the A380 on either of those routes as of yet.

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