Amex Small Business Saturday Credits Posting

Amex Small Business Saturday is one of the most lucrative promotions American Express has run the past few years. While some American Express cards have somewhat high annual fees, American Express offers so many ways to get cash back, which in many cases more than offset the annual fees. For example, just a few weeks ago they paid $150 of my phone bill.


This year for Small Business Saturday, American Express offered up to three $10 statement credits per card when you shopped at a small business on Saturday, November 29, 2014.


It was interesting to see the different thoughts all of you had on this promotion after the fact. Some thought it wasn’t worth the effort for “just” a $10 statement credit per transaction, while others maximized the heck out of the promotion.

Anyway, the terms said that the Small Business Saturday statement credits would post within 90 days, though for all of my eligible cards the statement credits have already posted.


This has been my experience in the past as well, where they claim it could take a very long time, but in practice the credits post within a few days.

Have your Small Business Saturday statement credits posted as well?


  1. I didn’t even get the confirmation of purchase email 🙁 I’m getting worried that all my 3 cards that I registered didn’t go through. Who should I call? Platinum hotline?

  2. All 36 of my credits posted. Filled up 2 cars with gas a local gas station for free plus lots of gifts bought!

  3. 7 of 9 credits have posted, and I also got a $1/ swipe credit on my Serve card, so I actually turned a profit on 2 of those transactions 🙂

  4. 5 of my 6 went fine. My 6th was at a restaurant and the post date was the 28th….even though I ate there on the 29th. I’ve never seen that before. AMEX saw it was swiped on the 29th but the final bill + tip showed the day before. Guess I traveled back in time and prepaid. 30 minutes chatting with customer service got me no where and then a 3 minute call got me a manual credit.

  5. Yes all nine credits posted – bought nine gift cards at the local liquor store – Thanks Lucky!

  6. About 75% of my AMEX card credits have posted. None of my charges from the CITI American Airlines AMEX have posted. I got confirmation messages for 11 of 12 charges, all less than $15. I made an additional $10+ charge for protection. Although a 100% rebate is possible I will be more than satisfied with 90.

  7. Unfortunately, we were traveling from the US to Europe on SBS, and I didn’t set a plan into place to do anything in advance. However, we were able to use the $50 off $200 Amex Offer at the Marriott IAH on a layover on said trip–which basically got us a free dinner! 🙂 Between that and the AT&T credits, most of our Platinum Annual Fees have been covered.

  8. Lucky, I already got what I expected — using 1 card. Although the rules could change next year, please tell me this (I’m sure many others wonder this, too):
    1. If I have one AMEX card and my wife has one card on the same account, can each of us use our cards for $60 max total?
    2. I have 2 personal AMEX cards and 2 business AMEX cards. They all are “linked”, meaning that when I sign in to my AMEX account (e.g., on the AMEX app on my phone), they all show up. For SBS, once I assigned the offer to one of cards, the offer was no longer available to assign to other cards. Does the offer extend to all the cards automatically, or would I have to tell AMEX that these cards are no longer “related” to each other in order to maximize the offer?


  9. @ Chaz —

    1) If the card numbers are different you sure can.
    2) Yes, the offer should apply to all cards. Just enter them all on the registration page, and they’ll all be eligible.

  10. One thing to note on all AMEX Sync offers is that they are only for the primary cardholder’s card – not additional card members (AMEX gives different numbers to additional card members in the way Barclay’s does. Citi/Chase give the same number to additional personal card members but different ones for additional business card members).

  11. 1) Free $20 breakfast (2 – $10 swipes)
    2) 10 – $10 gift cards to the local movie theater
    3) $200 Marriott Gift Card – $50 credit
    4) Not Small Business Saturday but while checking found 2 x $10 JCPenney and 2 X $10 PF Changs

    $220 Free money – thank you AMEX

  12. One of the restaurants where I bought 5 $10 gift cards didn’t post the transactions until the 30th. Shaun, what number did you have to call for the 3 minute conversation to get this corrected? I’m going to be slightly embarrassed when I need them to correct the same transaction across 5 cards, but not embarrassed enough to not do it again next year. 🙂

  13. Thank you, Lucky and AnonCHI.

    I now see that the most important thing would be to go to the AMEX SBS **WEBPAGE** to enroll all your cards — apparently each card number may be entered individually. Don’t use the iPhone app or other systems to enroll — these might limit you to just the primary holder’s cards, and even to only one of those that are synced together!

  14. @AnonCHI “One thing to note on all AMEX Sync offers is that they are only for the primary cardholder’s card – not additional card members”

    I am not sure you are right on this (unless it has changed). When AMEX was giving $5 back on BP gasoline purchases, my husband used his card three to four times a week (he commutes). I never registered his card separately and each credit showed up just as it was supposed to….for months.

  15. The promotion’s map sent me to a merchant that didn’t even take American Express, so I ended up using my VISA card for the food that I ordered, since I didn’t want to punish the merchant for AMEX’s error. When I called, I was told that perhaps the merchant participated last year and their map wasn’t updated. How was I to know that? Haven’t checked to see if I got the credit for their error.

  16. $240 total for all of our cards. Everything has posted except for the Citi AA AMEX.
    Like Shaun, the restaurant posted the day after we ate there.

    Shaun, who do I call to get the 3 min results, and not the 30 min of frustration?

  17. 5 of 6 credits posted for me. Just called amex and was disconnected by the service rep. 6th purchase went through on the 30th even though purchase was made early on the 29th. Seems to be a recurring problem here.

  18. According to my phone, I just spent 17:56 on the phone with AMEX. Hopefully my experience can help others.

    As many have mentioned, I had a transaction that posted on 11/30 even though it occurred on 11/29.

    In the end, I won… but it was not without several arrogant people telling me that AMEX IT systems are the best in the world, and utterly incapable of fallibility.

    Here is the trick:

    Step 1: Immediately ask for a supervisor.

    Step 2: Ask the supervisor to tell you *exactly* what time the transaction occurred, down to the minute (e.g. “15:17 hours”). This forces them to look in a different location within their IT systems… one that is far more accurate than their default view. At this point, if they haven’t already recognized their error and had their entire world shattered by the mere notion that they are capable of being fallible, ask them again: You said that the transaction occurred at 15:17, right? On which day exactly did it occur at 15:17 hours? Their jaw will drop and realize that they were wrong… it was in fact 11/29. Then they will manually post a statement credit. At this point, they will reiterate that AMEX IT systems are not at fault (“our systems are too instantaneous and too rigid to be wrong”), and then they will blame the merchant POS system for causing this error.

    What number did I call? I used the number on the back of my SPG personal AMEX: 800-297-1000.

    I hope this helps at least one of you out there…

  19. Lisa, I had a similar situation. I called Amex and told them the merchant was on the map and I had ordered fresh food, then discovered they didn’t take Amex. I didn’t want the food thrown away so I paid with a Visa. A $10 credit came through on my Amex card; I didn’t even have to send a copy of the visa receipt. Amazing customer service.

  20. @Dave…I called the general number on the back of my card. I used a Platinum card and just called them. My cousin who I actually split the bill with also had the same problem, but he was next to me so I let him talk to the same person and they took care of his credit as well. I’d call the number of the highest card you have ie if you have a Plat, Gold, and Green card call the Platinum card first. Tell them to look at the swipe date and time. They can see that then they really can’t give a compelling reason not to issue the credit. In your case I might not let them know you have 5 cards worth of credits to get…..only mention that AFTER the first one is processed.

  21. All 15 credited [$150], including 3 on BlueBird today. It was nice to be able to use BlueBird this year.

    I did have a problem using the same cards multiple times for $10 purchases at the same store. While supported by Small Business Saturday–not in the FAQs but confirmed with a call to their support line–the third swipe was denied on each card. Maybe it is fraud protection? Maybe I should call Amex in advance?

    In any event, it is not hard to take advantage of SBS in New York City. I was doing this in a local health food store and simply walked next door to the local pharmacy that was equally happy to let me split my purchase in $10 increments on multiple cards.

    I am happy to support local small businesses and very happy to get $150. I later got the [targeted?] e-mail promotion where I also now get double membership rewards from when I enrolled through the end of January [“Shop Small for 2X Points through 1/31/15”] when I shop at “qualifying small business locations shown on the Shop Small Map.”

  22. Interesting. I received only 2 confirmation e-mails, even though I visited 3 different establishments. And sure enough, I have only received 2 credits. Sigh.

  23. Only registered 1 of my 4 cards as I clicked on the offer in the “offers for you” link and then it didn’t show up in my other 3 cards. Rookie mistake I know, but since I was traveling on SBS, I didn’t make an effort to try and get the other cards registered as it was going to be hard enough for my husband and I to even use up the 3 credits for our 1 card.

    We went to lunch and split the check so we could each get one credit – I have to say that was weird as I have never split a check with my husband. Then we went to one of our local eateries and bought 4 sets of $20 gift certificates – didn’t want to buy exactly $10 as I was concerned it might not be enough.

    Got the confirmation email for lunch but not from the local eatery so was a bit concerned. All 6 credits came through today – YAY!

  24. I have received $250 worth so far (waiting on $50) including Bluebird and a Bluebird sub-account, had a small problem at the last merchant where their system went down to process my $50 gift card after they swiped my cards, but hoping it works out. If so, $300 free money!

  25. All transactions have been credited even the one from my CITI AMEX! So it certainly was a great $210 SBS treat, indulged in gift cards to my fave Asian Restaurants! Lucky, thanks for reminding us about this great opportunity!

  26. 35 cards registered, used three times each. One restaurant showed up as the 30th, no credits with the first wave, but then on Wed the rest showed up, except Citi amexs… Will give a day or two and call

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