American & US Airways Buy Miles Promos Extended

As I wrote about a few weeks back, both American AAdvantage and US Airways Dividend Miles ran a bonus on purchased miles through November 30, 2014. This was the first promotion we saw where AAdvantage and Dividend Miles really “aligned” their promotions, given the rate at which the merger is moving along.

It’s worth noting that both AAdvantage and Dividend Miles have extended their bonus on purchased miles through January 2, 2015. The terms remains exactly the same as before.

Here are the links for the promotions:

As a refresher, both American and US Airways are offering tiered bonuses on the purchase of miles.

If you max out the bonus you can earn up to 45,000 bonus miles when you buy 80,000 miles. That means you can acquire 125,000 miles for a total of $2,572, which is ~2.06 cents per mile. That’s certainly not as good as the rate at which US Airways used to sell miles, though it’s also better than the price at which they sold miles during the last round of promos.


Lastly, keep in mind that some with US Airways’ co-branded credit card are eligible to still buy miles at the old rate of ~1.88 cents each through the end of the year. So if you have the card be sure to check if you’re eligible, as that’s the best deal of all.


Bottom line

~2.06 cents per mile isn’t a rate at which I’d speculatively pick up American or US Airways miles, though with a specific use in mind it could no doubt be a good value.

I could be totally off base, but it sure seems like the “new” American isn’t all that successful with their mileage sales, given that they’ve extended the past several promotions now. Let’s hope the prices continue to go down over time.


  1. “some with US Airways’ co-branded credit card are eligible to still buy miles at the old rate of ~1.88 cents each” – still pondering this… i would speculatively buy at 1.4… but 1.88 still seems quite high.

  2. Hi guys – random question, I will end up with 49,865 elite qualifying miles on AA this year. As a current platinum member, do you think they will bump me up or will I need to find a short, cheap flight? Cheers

  3. @Ben – thanks! I’m a Sarasota native, so it’s nice to see another SW Florida guy travellin’ the globe!

  4. @Ben – I actually have a random 1,500 Divident Miles for 2014; I assume this will get added to my AAdvantage account in early 2015 and therefore = Platinum? Cheers!

  5. My perspective on the “buy miles” is that for $2,572, the 125,000 miles will give me award travel on Etihad in F from LAX or AUH to KTM or DAC, along with the connection from my home on Maui to the mainland to catch the flight. That’s 90,000 miles and the regular F fare to AUH is $14,864 to $19,614, so less the $2,572 up front, there’s $12,292 to $17,042 of free travel, with 35,000 miles left over to fund a stopover along the way. So this is a way of thinking about the monetization of the AAdvantage miles for real trips that would otherwise me prohibitively expensive. My work takes me to KTM, DAC and BKK several times a year.

  6. P.S. American is showing $2,360 for 125,000 miles, which is slightly cheaper than the figure quoted in the post. It works out to $0.0188, or a little under 2 cents a mile. Given my need to make the trip, this seems like a good deal. What do you think?

  7. There is a limit of miles purchased “per calendar year” which suggests that on January 1, the counter resets, so to speak. Right now American will let me buy 40K more miles, with a 15K bonus. Could one then go back on 1 January and load up on another 80K miles with a 45K bonus?

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