Are You A Winner?

Well, you’re all winners in my book. šŸ˜‰

Did you win a Hertz voucher?

In his post this past Thursday, Travis was giving away two $25 off Hertz certificates. To enter you just had to say what you were thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Enter to win this $25 Hertz vouchers.

The randomly selected winner was Daniel M, who wrote the following:

Thankful to be in the US for Thanksgiving for once and thus able to spend it with my familyā€¦

Did you win Emirates pajamas & amenity kit?

Then during my big surprise round the world trip with my dad, I had him guess what our next destination would be. I asked you guys to guess what you thought he thought our next destination would be, and I’d randomly give a guesser a set of Emirates pajamas and and an Emirates BVLGARI amenity kit.


We were ultimately going to Singapore, though he guessed we were going to Mumbai.

The randomly selected winner is John Carter, who guessed the following:


I am just here to live the excitement with you and your pops as you both travel the globe ā€“ This is epic man and its been super seeing the play by play of the journey slowly unfolding. I am guessing your pops had written down SYD. Looking forward to seeing his excitement on the next installment.


Bottom line

Congrats Daniel and John, and stay tuned, because I have lots more goodies from our round the world trip to give away. šŸ˜‰



  1. You should do more giveaways like this, or you could sell your extra amenity kits on ebay. I know I would buy a few!

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