Club Carlson Cyber Monday 100% Bonus On Purchased Points

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Update: This time around the promotion is capped at 10,000 bonus points.

Club Carlson Tweeted on Friday that they’ll be offering a 100% bonus on purchased Gold Points for Cyber Monday.


Earlier in the year Club Carlson offered a 75% bonus on purchased points a couple of times, which was already an incredible deal.

The ordinary cost to purchase Club Carlson Gold Points is 0.7 cents per point, so with a 100% bonus you’d presumably be paying just 0.35 cents per acquired point.


The catch is that you’re limited to purchasing 40,000 points with Club Carlson per calendar year, so if you took advantage of the last offer you wouldn’t be eligible for this one.

I value Club Carlson points at ~0.4 cents each to begin with, so this is already a good deal.

However, arguably the best thing about the Club Carlson program is that if you have their Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature® Card, the second night of every award redemption is free. This can potentially double the value of your points.

To give an example of the value of this promotion, let’s use the 0.35 cents per point valuation at which you can purchase points during this promotion. When I was in Iceland this summer I stayed at the Radison Blu 1919 for two nights, for a total of 44,000 points (that was the cost for the first night, and the second night was free).


At a rate of 0.35 cents per point, that would be like paying $154 for two nights, or ~$77 per night. Compare that to the paid rate of 262EUR (~$325) per night.

Radisson Blu 1919 Reykjavik

And that’s not even the most extreme example of the value of Club Carlson points.

Anyway, if you have the cash and haven’t yet reached your annual limit for the purchase of Gold Points, this is definitely a promotion I would take full advantage of. And it’s even more compelling if you have the Club Carlson Visa (which everyone that’s eligible should have, in my opinion).

I’ll post again when the offer goes live tomorrow.

(Tip of the hat to Magic of Miles)

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  1. Ben, the Iceland example seems like a pretty extreme use. Are there actually better ones off the top of your head?

  2. When you purchase points they are usually purchased from a service like so they do not count as a Club Carlson purchase. My last purchase was labeled as partner points. You will still get five points.

  3. @Christian– I’ve used the 2 for 1 Club Carlson Visa offer at the Radisson Blu properties in Philadelphia and Chicago when the room rates were $300-$350 after including taxes, so the value is $600-$700 worth of room rates for only 50,000 points.

  4. Moments ago I was lamenting the missed 75% bonus promo earlier in the year and wondering whether there would be any point sales by the end of 2014. Then I saw this post !!
    Thanks Lucky for keeping us informed.

  5. @Christian Any London or Paris redemption is usually a very good deal with double nights. I have stayed in both cities and almost always gotten 1.5-2 cents a point value. Club Carlson is an awesome program for Europe redemption if you have the credit card.

  6. Last May I used 50,000 cc points for two nights (second night free due to credit card) at the Radisson Blu in Lucern Switzerland. The paid rate in May was about $320 per night!

  7. Since the max is 10k points. Can one buy 4 times so that it ends up 40k points? Or it only allows 10k points per account for this bonus promotion?

  8. Thanks for the tip!

    Have you stayed at any of the Carlson properties outside of Scandanavia/Iceland?

    In London, they seem a step below JW Marriott, and maybe more than a step below other chains in Paris?

    I’d love to read more Carlson hotel stay reports from you!

  9. @ beachfan — Yeah, haven’t stayed at too many of their properties yet, unfortunately. Their top hotels are definitely a step below those of some of the other main chains, though.

  10. @ gavinmac — That’s enough for a stay at one of their lower end properties. I probably wouldn’t buy those points unless you had the ability to add more points to your balance.

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