Reminder: Register For Small Business Saturday

Just a quick reminder to register your American Express cards for this year’s Small Business Saturday.

As I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, this is a promotion whereby American Express card members can register to receive a statement credit for purchases made at eligible small businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (which this year is November 29, 2014). This year, American Express is offering a $10 statement credit for each qualifying transaction, up to three times per card (potentially for a total of $30 of statement credits per card).


Registration is technically open through Saturday, but in past years the registration cap has been reached on Thursday evening or Friday morning. I would absolutely register now if you think you might be taking advantage!

Enrollment literally takes just a few seconds, as you just have to enter your name, American Express card number, and email address.


Here are the basic details of this year’s Small Business Saturday promotion:

  • Each American Express card is eligible for up to three $10 statement credits (this includes authorized users on an account, and not just primary cards)
  • Eligible cards include personal, small business, Serve, and Bluebird cards — corporate cards and all other prepaid cards are not eligible
  • To qualify for the statement credit, the card must be used for a single $10 or more in-store transaction on Saturday, November 29, 2014
  • The statement credit should post within 90 days (though in practice, usually much faster than that)
  • You can find eligible small businesses on the Shop Small Map located at

If maximized, this promotion is actually the most lucrative version we’ve seen. In the past American Express has offered up to a $25 statement credit on a single transaction per card, though you’re potentially looking at $30 of statement credits per card with this offer. Best I can tell you can make multiple qualifying $10 purchases at the same business, they just have to be processed separately.

This is a heck of a promotion, and is one of the many reasons I keep several American Express cards long term.

How many credit cards do you have registered for Small Business Saturday?


  1. For once Americans are getting rorted…the Australian AMEX shop small promotion allows statement credits of $10 for $20 spend up to ten (10) times per card, once per shop. So maximising it allows $100 credit per card. And then I just used my Amex to top up my Opal card (our integrated public transport ticketing smart card) at small stores = free credit and 1.5 points per dollar spent.

  2. I tried to register my BB and Serve card for Amex Small Business Saturday here:

    but it always gave me a message “sorry your card is already registered” …. I am pretty sure I haven’t register it before. Do you know how to register BB and Serve for SBS and check if they are already enrolled in the offer or not? BB and Serve doesn’t have “Amex Offers” or “my Offers” like in regular Amex cc cards do.

    Do I have to do it by twitter instead? if so, what is the hash tag?

  3. Got 8 cards registered and a game plan ready to go!!

    Pick up some gift cards at the local grocery store
    Pick up some gift cards at Honey Dew Donuts
    Get a car wash
    Get some booze for Christmas parties.

  4. Ben!

    Can it be any independent business or does it have to be on the list?

    Also can you use the same card at the same store more then once. Such as have them run mutilple ten dollar transactions?


  5. @ Danny — Technically it has to be a retailer on the list, though in past years others have sometimes qualified as well. No way to know for sure if it’s not on the list, though.

    My understanding is that you can make multiple transactions at the same business and get credits for each. As long as they’re separate transactions…

  6. I had 2 separate transactions for $15 each at a small business this afternoon and immediately after each purchase I got an email thanking me for participating and about the $10 statement credit headed my way!

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