Happy Thanksgiving And A Giveaway

Travis is my first new contributor to the blog, who will be writing a post every Wednesday to start. The idea behind adding guest contributors is to add different perspectives to the blog. Travis has a unique approach towards travel, given that he travels almost exclusively with his wife and young children, which is in stark contrast to my travels, which are usually alone.

You can find more posts by Travis here:

It’s that time of year when we (at least those in the US) take a step back and think about the things for which we are thankful. For me, this Thanksgiving is a time to look back at my accidentwhich is now 2 months in the rear view mirror— and be thankful for:

  • escaping with only a broken leg and banged up elbow
  • people who volunteer their time and skills to rescue those in need
  • a good health care system and skilled medical professionals who put me back together
  • my engaging (day) job that is flexible such that I can work from home if I need to
  • good health insurance
  • a supportive family and extended family that has helped me get back on my feet
  • being on the verge of getting cleared to travel again! (Fingers crossed. Big trip upcoming.)

In the miles and points world, it’s perhaps a little harder to find things we are thankful for, especially given the spate of devaluations of the last year. Sure, we can always take the easy way out and just be thankful they aren’t worse — none of the legacies have gone to revenue-based redemptions yet—  but in reality there are a few bright spots that come to mind for me:

  • New credit cards keep come out with big signup bonuses
  • Searching award availability gets easier and easier (especially if you have SkyMiles!)
  • Inflight wifi is becoming ubiquitous (unless you fly United in which case its just better)
  • Low cost carriers are launching some exciting routes with ridiculously low prices. Even if you don’t want to fly them, they help keep the legacies in check

Hertz Voucher Giveaway

Since Thanksgiving starts the season of giving, I thought we should kick things off right with a giveaway.  I found two $25 Hertz vouchers that were given to me for something that happened, somewhere, at some point in time.  (I think the line was really long and the service really poor in San Juan… but it’s sort of fuzzy at this point.)

If you have a rental coming up, leave a comment saying what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving to enter. (If you don’t have a use for them, you can still leave a comment, just say something to that effect.)

Enter to win this $25 Hertz vouchers.
Enter to win two of these $25 Hertz vouchers

I don’t know much about how these work because I rarely rent with Hertz.  It says you need to use PC #185301 on your reservation.  And you can stack up to 4 of these, though I only have 2.  You just need to pick up the car by 12/31/14.  Hopefully it works out for you.

The comments will close at noon on Friday, EST.  Then I’ll have Ben and his Dad take a break from their A380 extravaganza to crank up the random number machine to pick one winner who will receive both vouchers.  I should have them in the mail to you early next week.

I hope you all get wherever you are going in a timely fashion, particularly those of you trying to navigate the eastern seaboard.  And if your flight does get delayed or cancelled, hopefully it won’t be these two working your gate….

Wild turkeys in our neighborhood.  One of these years...
Wild turkeys on our driveway. One of these years…


  1. Thankful I am blessed enough to be able to use miles to surprise my wife with a First Class trip to Asia in January

  2. Don’t need the vouchers. But thankful for all the work Ben does on this blog because it has allowed me to get the most out of my miles, and travel the world in style. Not quite the style the Ben enjoys – but I am thrilled and thankful to enjoy excellent business class products. Working on something first class next year. Also thankful for the contributions of guest bloggers.

  3. Thankful for all the bloggers of Boarding area that turned me onto traveling with points and miles. I will be renting from Hertz over the xmas travel season and could certainly make use of the vouchers.

  4. I am thankful for my family. I will be renting on Dec 31 in Santo Domingo. Meeting up with our daughter that lives in Costa Rica.

  5. Thankful that I am able to use miles and points for a two-week trip to Germany, Austria, Taiwan, and Australia with my parents and brothers this Thanksgiving. Too bad I didn’t run into Ben in Sydney since we were there at the same time.

  6. Thankful for good health, the bloggers on this website who share so freely of their budget travel knowledge and for a wonderful wife, children and grandchildren!

  7. I’m very grateful for family and good health.

    I’ve learned so much from Lucky/Ben and his fantastic blog and I’m truly grateful for that.

  8. Thankful for discovering miles and points game that allow me to afford travel to see more of this world 🙂

  9. I’m thankful that you posted this the same day I was going to book a car through hertz! Will mean I can spend more money on the family for Christmas!

  10. Will be home on this years Thanksgiving taking in some quiet time
    Traveling to Florida after Christmas and could use the vouchers.
    Thanks for giving all of us a chance to win

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