Condoms At Australian Airports — WTF?!

I was using the restroom at Melbourne Airport today, when I noticed this vending machine by the door, with the verbiage “Minimum Size, Maximum Convenience:”


Now, I’ve seen vending machines at airports for feminine products, diapers, shaving cream, etc.

But this one consisted exclusively of a toothbrush, mints, two types of cologne, and two types of condoms. Based on the marketing, it seemed to be intended for people looking to get “lucky.”

bBut seriously, if you’re going to sell only two types of condoms, why would one of them be glow in the dark? Is there really a market for that?

I do love that both condom varieties are marketed as coming (no pun intended) with “reusable pocket tins.” But you better hurry, because it’s a “limited offer.”

So… what am I missing? 😀


  1. I’ve seen that in Paris and NYC. This one’s more comprehensive, selling breath mints, toothbrush/paste, and “pheromone enhance” cologne.

    Vending machines in the Frankfurt train station sell pregnancy tests.

  2. I’ve wondered the same thing. While traveling with an older client, I once went searching for Depends at the Orlando airport. Not one store behind security sold any sort of adult diaper, but there were many varieties of condoms for sale. What are people doing at the airport?!?

  3. This is common at pretty much any German airport. These vending machines sell, next to a selection of condoms, also something they call “pocket pussy”.

  4. is it possible that many people realize once they’re at the airport that they forgot condoms? Or else, perhaps they didn’t want to pack them for the security check people to see?

  5. I actually saw this in Edinburgh yesterday morning, just shrugged and assumed some people are a little more…impatient than me.

  6. What with SQ now flying to Australia, one might quite possibly need this when flying Suites Class, seats C and D. 🙂

  7. Pretty common at non-lounge airports throughout Europe, which explains why you haven’t seen these before. 😉

  8. I concur with marc… surprised you havent seen/noticed these before, coins… they are all over german airports (well atleast the bathrooms) … although oddly enough they’re called “pocket pussy” which always reminds me of “fleshlight” … but perhaps something is getting lost in translation.

  9. Ask your dad, this is absolutely normal in Germany. In my home town there used to be condom vending machines in the bathrooms of the university library.

  10. Very common all over France including vending machines outside many pharmacies.

    Very good idea, too.

  11. Airports and airplanes are a great place to suddenly meet someone new, away from your significant other. You may be unprepared for the opportunity!

  12. In other news: condoms in vending machines is very, very common in toilets in the UK. Maybe time for you to explore a little further!

  13. Just like what others said, condom vending machines are very very common in Germany. You can find them everywhere — by a bus stop, at a train station, at the airport — and not necessarily inside a restroom. Moreover, inside female restroom it might contain vibrator as well…

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