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Link: American Express 2015 Small Business Saturday Enrollment

As I wrote about in September, American Express Small Business Saturday is returning this year. This is a promotion whereby American Express card members can register to receive a statement credit for purchases made at eligible small businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (which this year is November 29, 2014). This year, American Express is offering a $10 statement credit for each qualifying transaction, up to three times per card (potentially for a total of $30 of statement credits per card).


Registration has just gone live, and is open until November 29, 2014 or whenever the registration cap is reached, so you’ll want to register sooner rather than later to be on the safe side. Enrollment literally takes just a few seconds, as you just have to enter your name, American Express card number, and email address.


Here are the basic details of this year’s Small Business Saturday promotion:

  • Each American Express card is eligible for up to three $10 statement credits (this includes authorized users on an account, and not just primary cards)
  • Eligible cards include personal, small business, Serve, and Bluebird cards — corporate cards and all other prepaid cards are not eligible
  • To qualify for the statement credit, the card must be used for a single $10 or more in-store transaction on Saturday, November 29, 2014
  • The statement credit should post within 90 days (though in practice, usually much faster than that)
  • You can find eligible small businesses on the Shop Small Map located at

If maximized, this promotion is actually the most lucrative version we’ve seen. In the past American Express has offered up to a $25 statement credit on a single transaction per card, though you’re potentially looking at $30 of statement credits per card with this offer. Best I can tell you can make multiple qualifying $10 purchases at the same business, they just have to be processed separately.

This is a heck of a promotion, and is one of the many reasons I keep several American Express cards long term.

Do you plan on taking advantage of Small Business Saturday?


  1. Lucky, any tips on how to take advantage of this while being away from home? We’ll be traveling Internationally but hoping to take advantage…

  2. Hi! thanks for the heads up!!

    A couple of questions if you don’t mind:

    1) Must be in store, not online, right?
    2) Do gift cards count? (I.E in store purchase of a gift card)?
    3) My guess is it’s only on merchant per card, no point using the same card twice at the same merchant
    4) How many cards are you registering? :>)

  3. @ beachfan —

    1) Correct.
    2) Yes, that’s fine.
    3) Don’t see that stated in the terms, though I could be wrong.
    4) Hah, still working on that. :p

  4. @ Mike — Since online purchases aren’t allowed, I’m afraid I’m not sure there’s any way for you to take advantage of it. 🙁

  5. Authorized users with a different card number e.g., SPG Business, are ok to register, but you want be able to register AU card with the same number if the primary card holder is already registered.

  6. thanks lucky – signed up 9 cards for our famiy. Were you able to get map to show anything. Even after signing in – showed blank. Now sure how to see who is participating?

  7. Lucky so does this mean you can receive three $10 credits for EACH individual AMEX card or account? So you could make three $10 (or more) purchases and receive three $10 credits? Language this year je very unclear.

  8. To clarify: Authorized users don’t double the number of times you can do this on the card, right? It just means they CAN do this on the card?

  9. My personal Bluebird registered fine.

    My spouse’s registered Serve did not! Got this error:

    “Unfortunately, this card is not eligible for this offer.”

    Darn it.

  10. I’m thinking it’s 3 times per card – so on one business account of my wfie’s, I have two cards in my name. Both are game (they have separate card numbers).

  11. I logged in and under “Amex offers and benefits” it showed the Small Business Saturday offer so I added it to my spg card – how do I register the card for the authorized user on the spg card account? or does that AU have to log in separately?
    I looked under my AMEX Hilton card and do not see the Small Business Saturday offer – is this card not eligible? If I recall in previous years I registered both SPG and Hilton cards.

  12. I think I found my answer in the FAQs: If you manage multiple Cards on your account, only one of the eligible Cards will be able to take advantage of an offer. If your eligible Cards have separate accounts (unique IDs and passwords), they will each be able to access available offers.

  13. @Cheryl The “Amex offers and benefits” page only allows one card to be registered for any offer; it disappears from the other cards’ page once one of them is registered. One work-around is to open a separate tab/window for each card and scroll on each to the offer and then, sign up each card for the offer.

    For this promo, just sign up your other cards manually on the Shop Small website, and you’ll be good to go.

  14. I registered 3 of my cards and was going to register more, but I checked the map and after searching about 100 of the closest business participating, they were ALL restaurants. I can only eat so much in one day, so unless some stores get added, I won’t bother registering others. : (

  15. @ Steve — If there’s a unique card number then the primary and authorized users should each be able to max out the bonus. So up to $30 per card.

  16. Some participating business did not accept Amex Card and I called the Amex Small Business Saturday Department to verify that it is what it is. So why are they listing it if we cannot use the Amex Card?

  17. Hi Ben,

    For Bluebird card, does it have to be loaded some money in it in order to make purchases eligible for 3 of $10 transactions? Thanks.

  18. This is great info. Thanks!

    I am still confused about one thing. Does a small business have to appear on the map in order to get a statement credit there? There are tons of locally owned businesses in my neighborhood that aren’t on the map that I would like to visit next Saturday and get a credit.

  19. Right on the Amex map could use a lot of work. It’s just about impossible to get it to show the businesses where you can get the credit. It shows only a maximum of 10 on the map at a time, and those seem to be the ‘featured businesses’.

    I entered the names of some businesses I was wondering if participated, and some appeared on the map when I entered them, and some didn’t. So I’m confident it is showing only the businesses that are eligible. But no level of zoom on the map would show some of these businesses, it wanted to show only the ‘featured businesses’ which as someone else already mentioned are mostly restaurants/food.

  20. @remy, yes the business has to appear on the map. It specifically says only businesses appearing on the map are eligible. In the merchant documentation basically it says they have a bunch of criteria and kind of select the eligible businesses based on that.

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