SPG & Emirates Your World Rewards Details

Last week Starwood accidentally leaked a partnership that was in the works with Emirates, entitled Your World Rewards. While they quickly pulled all references to it, it looks like the Your World Rewards partnership is now official. While all the details are out there now, registration opens on November 19, 2014.


Here’s a video explaining the new Your World Rewards partnership:

What is Your World Rewards?

This partnership is very similar to the one that Delta and Starwood launched a couple of years back, entitled Crossover Rewards. The idea is to have an airline and hotel partnership which gives benefits to members of both programs, in hopes of generating additional business.

Seeing this expand to Emirates makes perfect sense. Delta and Emirates don’t really compete much directly, so Starwood can safely add this partnership without really cannibalizing their relationship with Delta.

SPG member benefits on Emirates flights

SPG members earn the following benefits when flying with Emirates:

  • SPG Gold and Platinum members earn 1 Starpoint per US dollar spent on all eligible Emirates flights (on top of Skywards Miles).
  • SPG Platinum members enjoy elite in-airport benefits, including priority check-in, priority boarding and complimentary e-gate access (learn more at emirates.com).


Emirates Skywards member benefits at SPG hotels

Emirates Skywards members earn the following benefits when staying at SPG hotels:

  • Emirates Skywards® Silver, Gold and Platinum members earn 1 Mile per US dollar (on top of Starpoints) for all eligible stays at Starwood hotels and resorts worldwide.
  • Emirates Skywards Gold and Platinum members enjoy additional benefits at Starwood hotels and resorts, including 4pm late checkout,2 access to the SPG elite check-in line3 and complimentary in-room Internet access.


Should you change your behavior because of these partnerships?

As I’ve said in the past, I definitely see these partnerships as a win-win. As an elite member you’re earning additional Starpoints when flying with Emirates and additional Skywards miles when staying at Starwood hotels. That being said, we’re talking about one mile/point per dollar, and in my opinion that’s not really enough to switch business over.

The additional elite benefits are nice as well. As a savvy traveler the benefits shouldn’t be rich enough to change travel patterns over, though I realize some other people are much more easily marketed to, and all it takes is a bit of prompting for them to give a different brand their business.

Bottom line

These partnerships are a win-win, though is anyone really changing their behavior over them? You guys tell me!

(Tip of the hat to View from the Wing)


  1. I wonder if the (presumably rare) person who is elite on both Delta and Emirates would earn miles in both programs for Starwood stays.

  2. @ Bgriff — My guess is you can only earn miles for one program, though I haven’t seen it explicitly stated anywhere one way or another.

  3. I doubt people would change their travel behavior unless they already have a Skywards account and wish to top-off that account for an aspirational award.

  4. I’m an AS MVP Gold and EK silver. Would say that I’ll still credit EK flights to AS, due to 100% mileage bonus and ability to redeem points across more airlines. Don’t think the partnership really cater much toward NA flyers.

  5. No thank you – of the Middle East airlines, still prefer QR over EK and EY. They just have the appropriate amount of bling, and their best decision to date was to join OW. Given that their tickets generally cost the same, why not get some status miles at the same time? (Not everyone flies as much as Lucky to maintain status THAT easily)

  6. Lucky, am I correct to assume that in order to earn Starpoints for EK flights, I have to credit my flight to EK instead of other partners such as Alaska?

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