Air New Zealand’s Hilarious 787-9 Promotional Video

Air New Zealand is the launch customer for the Boeing 787-9, which began operating between Auckland and Perth as of October 15, 2014. By next month it will also be flying to Tokyo Narita and Shanghai. I’d argue Air New Zealand’s 787-9 is also the sexiest plane out there.

Anyway, Air New Zealand released a hilarious video entitled “the happiest place in the sky,” which showcases all four cabins on their new 787-9. Check it out:

Air New Zealand does a heck of a job with marketing, and clearly it goes beyond their safety videos.


  1. Great video for sure….

    But it doesn’t look like that’s going to be one of your favorite J hard products. Sitting sideways to the aisle, and as far as I can tell, folding the TV and table up and down whenever you get up. Siding in and out from the seat. Not a fan of the design.

  2. I’m disappointed ANZ didn’t put their hardshell premium eco product in the initial 789’s. The premium eco product that is in the 773’s is great IMO (though some people do seem to hate it) and has plenty of storage and features.

  3. As always, Air New Zealand has nailed the marketing. It is a beautiful plane, but from the looks of it they have turned to a much more conventional interior than their 777-300s. The business-class product in the 773 is in my opinion the best one in the sky. It’s unique “fold forward to make a bed” setup makes an incredibly comfortable bed. The new product looks to be a much more typical “recline into a bed” system that inevitably leaves an uncomfortable crease. The premium economy is also radically different, taking away the ability of people flying together to utilize the space. It looks to be a great plane, but I’m not sure it is an upgrade from what they are flying today.

  4. @ Doug — if you watch their 787-9 video, they say that J seats converts into bed by folding forward (never explicitly shown though).

  5. It doesn’t help if the don’t release any J seat at all… I mean the only way to fly their J is pretty much between PVG and AKL…

  6. so I’m a bit confused about the 4 classes ANZ is going with here… shouldnt the skycouch trump the prem econ seats, considering it actually kinda sorta turns into a bed (along with what looks like bedding/duvet etc)? … looks like the prem econ seats just recline, no good for long haul travel esp to a distant place like NZ, and so what if they cater slightly better food or even the J menu like other airlines… sleep >> food I’d think.

    unless to get a skycouch you’d effectively have to buy 3 econ seats (even if discounted) … but that means it would most likely cost more than a single prem econ seat and thus the skycouch should rank above prem econ just due to fare/class alone.

    so what am I missing here ben? … also like some other folks pointed out, not sure what to make of the sideways J product. never been on one of these, but I think virgin atlantic (and perhaps australia) have their J (upper class) in a similar config as well. and you’ve had good reviews about em so maybe it works even though its no reverse herringbone.

  7. @ Adam — Having seen the Skycouch on the 777-300ER, I think it’s crap, frankly. Nice concept, but unless you’re a small child or REALLY short, the flat surface is way too short to get comfortable.

  8. My husband and I just flew on a RTW trip that included Asiana Suites and a Thai A380, both in First, but the best sleep I got was on the Air NZ 777 flight from PVG to AKL in J. With the fold forward bed, it was super comfortable. And I loved the “vibe” of the Air New Zealand flight. It was really great.

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