Alaska Mileage Plan Status Promotions

Alaska was previously a pretty conservative airline when it came to handing out status, though lately it seems like they’re feeling the competitive pressure.

Alaska status has become considerably easier to obtain over the past year or so:

It seems like there’s now another way to requalify for Alaska status, based on the emails that some Mileage Plan members are getting. Mileage Plan sent out targeted emails to select elite members on Friday, offering them status requalification after one roundtrip.

The email reads as follows:

You’re SO close to gaining MVP Gold 75K status for 2014, but don’t miss out on extra help. Pop online to register and any round trip you take between October 24 and December 31, 2014, will score you MVP Gold 75K status for 2015*.

Even better, you’ll earn 2,500 Elite-Qualifying miles toward your requalifying status for 2016!

In other words, if you take one roundtrip you’ll receive one status level above what you’ve requalified for so far in 2014 (based on the elite qualifying mileage totals at the time the email was sent out). It seems they’re sending out offers for MVP, MVP Gold, and MVP Gold 75K.


It’s a targeted promotion, so unless you received an email about it you wouldn’t qualify. Here’s the registration page for the promotion. I wasn’t targeted, so when I try to register I get an error message.


Based on readers that have forwarded me these emails, it seems like most of the people that received this offer would have requalified anyway based on booked travel, so maybe this was just an encouragement of sorts from Alaska.

Did you receive this promotion from Alaska, and if so, how far were you from requalifying?

(Tip of the hat to Abe)


  1. In 2003 Alaska Airlines matched status for United Mileage Plus members in California. I received Mileage Plan Gold MVP as a United 1K and earned nearly 200,000 Alaska miles that year on less than $1,000 in spend.

    Best benefit is when my family needed to make an emergency trip and I booked economy award tickets on Alaska for my mother and sister to fly to Oregon. Alaska upgraded them to first class on the award tickets.

  2. Have ~72k EQM when I got email with no trip booked. Did plan to take trip sometime in next two months to hit MVP Gold 75.

  3. Hey Lucky –

    Being a Delta Gold medallion, what status would I receive with Alaska if I sent them an e-mail for status match?


  4. Ben – I thought that one had to status match after November 1 for it to count throughout the following year. It would be a huge help for me to do it this week, as I have trip next weekend. Are you sure it will count throughout 2015 is I submit the request today? Thanks! Mark

  5. @Lucky, if you have ZERO miles or points now and you plan to fly first class award seat on a premium airline from N. America to Asia and back when you’ve enough miles later and you also want that trip to be as long as possible, which airline would you choose, how will your trip be like (cities?) and which airline miles will you start accumulating now and how many points will you need for this trip? Criteria: Award redemption must be next to painless.

    Airline? Cities? Number of hours? Mileage plan?

  6. @ Mark — That was my experience based on last year, but based on the FlyerTalk thread on the topic, it seems that matches last through the end of 2015. So I feel pretty confident in that.

  7. @ Silver — Really tough to give a generic answer. All depends on where you live, which routes you fly, how much you fly, which cards you already have, etc. In general it’s tough to beat Alaska or American for travel to Asia on Cathay Pacific. With Alaska you could even do Emirates via Dubai. So I’d say those are the two best options.

  8. didn’t get email from AS either (i got status match to MVP Gold last Feb, and will have some upcoming trips that will take me close to MVP Gold). Do you plan to call Alaska Air to see if they allow you to register for this promotion offer? I was thinking about call them tomorrow…

  9. @ Timothy Putt — It’s a targeted promotion, so highly doubt they would let someone registered that wasn’t emailed.

  10. There is a report that someone that as 50% of the way to Gold getting the offer. This is the first step to over inflating the elite pool . How long until AS makes major cuts to status benefits due to all the recruiting promos that have planned?

  11. When I called to get my husband added after I received the targeted email from Alaska, I was told it was targeted to Primary Cardholders of their Alaska Visa Card. They would not let me add my husband to promotion since he is just an authorized user of card. We have exactly same number of miles with Alaska.

  12. @ Pat — For what it’s worth, I have the card and wasn’t targeted, so I think there’s more to it than that.

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