Wind Gust On Landing At Madeira Airport!

Madeira Airport is ranked one of the most dangerous airports in the world, given the consistently strong wind gusts and mountainous terrain around the airport. It’s also a fascinating airport, given that the runway is built out over the water.

There are a ton of crazy landing videos at Madeira Airport, though one of the craziest I’ve seen was uploaded earlier in the week.

Check out the video of this TUIfly 737 which has some strong wind gusts on final approach:

And not even a go around? Damn, those pilots were on top of things!

(Tip of the hat to James)


  1. Eek. For anyone who hasn’t seen videos of the Tenzing-Hillary airport in Nepal landings and take-offs, a good way to kill some time. I flew in and out for the Everest base camp trek, and said a few prayers.

  2. I’m not so sure that the pilot shouldn’t have initiated a go around. The result was a safe landing but that was no means given with those circumstances, regardless of the skill of the pilot.

  3. I have also flown to and taken off from Lukla in Nepal and I can tell you it’s the scariest airport in the world on the side of a mountain. It’s like landing on an aircraft carrier.

  4. Last year I was on TAP flight from Madeira to Lisbon. Taking-off at Madeira airport was my scariest flying experience. First second after plane took off, wind extremely blew the plane to the right while the plane just pass a cliff. I felt the plane was going down and one of the wing nearly hit ocean. Suddenly, the plane head went up and kicked to the sky.

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