Uber Finally In Las Vegas!!!


I’d argue Las Vegas is the single most corrupt city in the US when it comes to taxis. That’s mainly because everything is in such close proximity, and the taxi drivers will do everything to screw you over and take you the long way. Not only are they charging you more, but they’re wasting your time as well.

In September I wrote about the taxi excitement I experienced in Las Vegas, from the driver that took us between two points on the Strip via the interstate, to Jeff, who was… well, you’ve just gotta read about him.


As I explained in that post, Uber wasn’t allowed in the city due to the taxi mafia, which is among the strongest anywhere.

Uber is far from perfect, though it does add a ton of transparency to the ground transportation business, in my opinion. You always get a map of the ride you took after the fact, and if you weren’t taken the most direct way you can contest the charge. Beyond that, the feedback loop (you rating the driver and the driver rating you) gives them an incentive to treat you well. So it instantly solves 99% of the problems which Las Vegas taxis present.

Anyway, it looks like Uber is finally available in Las Vegas!


I never thought I’d see the day, but it really seems to be happening. There are two caveats:

  • So far only UberX is available in Las Vegas
  • Uber can’t pick you up at McCarran Airport


I don’t get out to Las Vegas all that often, but when I do the thing I dread most is the taxi situation. So I’m thrilled that this will for the most part no longer be an issue.

Here’s to hoping they add Uber Black and also are eventually able to do airport pickups. Regardless, this is a huge step in the right direction.

If you haven’t yet used Uber, you can sign up for Uber now and receive a free ride of up to $30. You can sign up using my referral link or feel free to post your link below and people can sign up through there. Once you’ve signed up with a referral link you should immediately see the free ride in your account. That will automatically be redeemed when you take your first Uber ride.

Do you plan on using UberX the next time you visit Las Vegas?


  1. This is great. I feel the same way about Vegas taxis as you do Lucky but in my experience the worst of it is going from the airport which hopefully will allow pickups soon.

  2. @ Truth — I hate San Juan taxis, though prefer them to Vegas. They do have high “fixed rates,” but at least they’ll get you to your destination as quickly as possible because they have no incentive to haul you…

  3. I really do not like the concept of UberX, to me UberX is not Uber… it is not nonsense ride sharing service which I will never use. UberBlack or no Uber is what I say…..

  4. Taxi situation – why we have little interest in visiting Vegas. Although we avoided the need to take a taxi about 6 years ago by renting a car, getting to/from the consolidated rental facility is a pain as well. Haven’t been there since…

  5. @jay I’m not sure I really see the difference other than car quality? Fwiw I’ve used uberx hundreds of times here in NYC and a handful of times in other markets. In New York it seems just as safe and controlled as uber black since the difference is quite minimal (generally livery drivers vs… Higher grade livery company drivers). I guess in smaller markets it feels more like Lyft?

  6. Great article! I hate taking taxis in Las Vegas. I feel like they always try to ripe you off! Thumbs up for LV Uber! New to Uber? Download the app and use this promo code “sonnyt14” for $30 off your first ride! I just started using Uber recently. It totally rocks! I love not having to worry about paying the driver directly. Everything works so seamlessly.

  7. Uber Black is still basically just a taxi via smart phone.

    I’m all for uber but don’t understand why people only will use uber black….uber black is still not comparable to real car service….seems more of an ego thing to me

  8. Didn’t take log, only a few hours in and a Las Vegas judge ruled against uber banning them. Also for the few hours while they were in operation they were not allowed to pick up passengers at the strip hotels either in addition to LAS

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