US Airways Mastercard Anniversary Bonus Staying

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One of the big questions surrounding the American and US Airways merger has involved their credit card partnerships. American’s co-branded credit card is issued by Citi, while US Airways’ co-branded credit card is issued by Barclaycard. I think it goes without saying that Citi will be the “primary” card issuer going forward, however you’d like to define that.

That’s why I’ve long recommended picking up the US Airways Premier World Mastercard®, which offers a 40,000 mile sign-up bonus after the first purchase, with an $89 annual fee. That’s a great sign-up bonus, especially for a card that may not necessarily be taking new applicants for much longer.

Anyway, I just received the following email regarding the credit card, which I found kind of interesting:

Dear Benjamin,

With your US Airways Dividend Miles® Mastercard®, you receive 10,000 Dividend Miles every year on the anniversary of your account opening.

We’re happy to let you know that once the US Airways and American Airlines loyalty programs combine in 2015, you’ll continue to receive this benefit in the form of 10,000 AAdvantage® miles.

Plus, we’re excited to announce two great benefit changes when you use your US Airways Dividend Miles Mastercard:

  • Now receive a 25% in-flight savings on food, beverage, and headset purchases on US Airways and American Airlines flights.² This savings will appear as a credit on your statement.
  • In addition to earning 2X miles for every dollar you spend on US Airways purchases, you’ll also earn 2X miles on American Airlines purchases.


The last two points aren’t really that interesting to me. Great, a 25% discount on in-flight food and beverage purchases is nice, but not a game changer. And even with 2x points per dollar for American Airlines purchases, I’d still rather earn 3x points per dollar on the American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card.

But what I find most interesting is the first part of the email. For a long time when this card was issued they’d offer a 10,000 mile anniversary bonus (new applicants don’t receive this anymore). It’s interesting that the email confirms:

  • The AAdvantage and Dividend Miles programs will be combining in 2015, which matches the rumor from yesterday
  • This benefit will apparently apply long term, which suggests the card is here to stay

All of this is in addition to the 2015 US Airways Mastercard changes that were announced back in May.

As you might remember, one of the new benefits they announced as of next year was a 10% rebate on awards. This matches what American offers on their mid range co-branded cards, whereby you receive a 10% refund on award tickets, up to a total refund of 10,000 miles per year.

So will the US Airways Mastercard offer a 10,000 mile award refund and 10,000 mile anniversary bonus? That would be pretty awesome, for just an $89 annual fee.

For now I’d mark this mostly as “developing.” Though if you don’t have a US Airways Mastercard there’s really not a reason not to pick one up, in my opinion. It’s a great sign-up bonus with low minimum spend requirement and the card can have some potential long term value. With the first year’s annual fee you’ll also get the sign-up bonus and a 10,000 mile award rebate (assuming you redeem at least 100,000 miles out of your newly combined AAdvantage account in 2015).

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  1. Hi Ben,

    Is there still an active link which gives new cardholders the 10,000 mile anniversary bonus as a stated benefit? When I click through your link I’m only seeing the $99 companion pass.

    Would love to jump on this as a new cardholder with the 10,000 anniversary bonus!

  2. @ Zed — Unfortunately not anymore, I haven’t seen that offered in quite a while now. New cards are eligible for the 10% rebate which kicks in next year, but not for the anniversary bonus, as far as I know.

  3. I received a similar offer . My offer did not include the 10,000 anniversary miles but did include the 25% discount on in flight purchases . Interesting ?

  4. @ Donn — I guess when you signed up for the card it didn’t come with the 10,000 mile anniversary bonus?

  5. I know in the past you could have more than one of these at a time? Did Barclays put a stop to that or is that still possible?

  6. @ Bryce — Nowadays you can’t usually have more than one at a time. That being said, some certainly report being able to get one when they’ve had one in the past.

  7. I received my 10k anniversary bonus miles a week ago and I was thinking of cancelling this card but after getting that email, this card will be a keeper.

  8. Lucky – I received the email about the 10,000 anniversary bonus, and a postcard about 15,000 bonus miles after spending $500 each month for the next three months. Would you say $89 annual fee for 26,500 miles is worth it?

  9. Confirmed – I got the same email for 10K anniversary bonus today.
    Regarding “10,000 mile award rebate (assuming you redeem at least 100,000 miles)”. Does this apply only when redeeiming only on AA flights on all segments or it works on partner airline(s) as well?

  10. I received the same email as you Ben.

    Picked up this card In December last year. Is it worth holding on to for the anniversary bonus? 10K worth $89?


  11. @Bryce

    i currently have 3 of these cards… it’s totally possible as long as you space out the applications at least 6 months.

  12. When does one receive the 10% bonus back on award redemption. Made a booking a few weeks ago (but didn’t pay with the card). Do you have to pay with this credit card?

    Forgot about that benefit. Hopefully you only need to have the card linked to the account and not actually use it (like for the free checked bag).

  13. mangoceviche – $89 for 26,500 miles is about a good a deal in my book as any I can think of. That’s more than enough for a domestic roundtrip. What flight can you buy for $89?

  14. @ Daniel — You don’t have to use the card. You just have to make sure the miles are being redeemed out of the account of the primary cardmember. You’re talking about the AA Citi Card, yes? If so, usually takes 3-4 weeks for the miles to post, in my experience.

  15. @mangoceviche – when did you received the postcard with the 15k offer? is there an offer number on it? i have heard that barclays may offer you an existing promo if you call and ask, and that is certainly one that i would want to see if i could use myself!

  16. @Lucky Thanks. I’m talking about this card (the Barclays US Air Mastercard). I thought it also had the 10% benefit just like the Citi AA card.

    You say in your post: “As you might remember, one of the new benefits they announced as of next year was a 10% rebate on awards. This matches what American offers on their mid range co-branded cards, whereby you receive a 10% refund on award tickets, up to a total refund of 10,000 miles per year.”

  17. @ Daniel — Correct, this card will offer the benefit as of next year. It doesn’t apply to the card this year yet.

  18. @mangoceviche, @stratos – I also got postcard offer yesterday. But 5K bonus miles after spending $500 each month for the next three months instead of 15K as you mangoceviche stated.
    I called and tried to find out, the customer service that I spoke with told me that he is not aware of such offer.

  19. Ben,
    Thanks for clarifying the 10% rebate on ward. Unfortunately, I have an old US Airways card from Barclay.
    Do you think it’s worth to pay $89.00 and keep it just for 10K anniversary bonus?

  20. I wonder if you have both the USairways card and the AA citi card that are both supposed to rebate 10% on award redemptions starting in 2015 if you would get it twice, one from each card? Also Lucky, can you recommend a strategy for me to get the USairways card? I currently have the Arrival, Hawaiian, and Lufthansa cards from Barclay and it was several calls to the reconsideration line in order for them to let me have the 3. I have excellent credit but I did have the USairways card before and cancelled it in May 2013. What do you think?

  21. @ BUDDY M. — I have the same question you do. Only time will tell, I guess.

    If it has been over a year I’d say you probably have a good shot at getting approved. Maybe cancel one of your other Barclaycard products first?

  22. @Stratos @Tiara – I received the card yesterday and as far as I can tell, the postcard doesn’t show an offer code. The outside of the card has a picture of Prague.

  23. My family has for years has enjoyed the benefits of the Barclay’s US Airways Mastercard ($99 Companion Ticket, Club Pass, 5,000 less on redeeming miles, and the 10,000 preferred miles if you spend 25K or more during the year – that feature alone has resulted in being bumped to Silver and even Gold in one year).

    I received mailings from Barclays telling me of all the exciting benefits of the changes (25% off inflight purchases – so wow, I save a $1.25 on my $6.00 sandwich?- what a deal!!!).

    Unless Barclays increases the benefits I will not renew in 2015. I just won’t be as loyal to US Airways/American Airlines – I’ll shop around more and use different airlines. For example, Delta has an American Express that offers a FREE companion ticket upon re-newel and really for the same price as the current Barclay’s US Airways Mastercard.

  24. I had thought of canceling this card and keeping just my Citi card; however, I will probably keep it and keep paying the fee as long as I continue to keep receiving my 10k each year. It’s not a bad card and Citi does tend to keep waiving my annual fee. If they don’t waive it another year, then I’ll probably just stick with the Barclaycard until they devalue it. 🙂

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