Book Lufthansa First Class Awards In Advance

There’s no denying that booking Lufthansa first class with miles is getting more difficult by the day:

Lufthansa A380 at Frankfurt Airport

Over the past year there have been a few occasions where Lufthansa has made first class award space available to partner airlines more than 15 days in advance:

Anyway, there’s another pretty cool award opportunity right now. It probably won’t be as popular as some of the last ones, but I still think it’s pretty cool.

Lufthansa first class award space is wide open between Denver and Frankfurt for the first quarter of 2015. Most flights between Denver and Frankfurt have two first class award seats, though I don’t see any dates with more seats than that. As of April 10, 2015, this becomes one of the routes operated by a two cabin 747-400, meaning first class will be eliminated.

Via the ANA search tool:

Lufthansa first class award space in advance

The flight is operated by a 747-400, so if you get one of the updated planes, it should feature the seat & bed combo.

Lufthansa 747-400 first class

Best ways to redeem partner miles for Lufthansa first class

Since redeeming 110,000 MileagePlus miles doesn’t seem especially tempting and since LifeMiles is blocking Lufthansa first class award space, the best options are as follows (they all involve fuel surcharges of ~$400 each way):

  • Air Canada Aeroplan: 62,500 miles one-way
  • All Nippon Airways Mileage Club: 120,000 miles roundtrip
  • Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer: 80,000 miles one-way

Lufthansa first class meal service

Anyone in a position to snag up some of these Lufthansa first class award seats?

(Tip of the hat to Denise)


  1. This seemed pretty forced Lucky.

    You know as well as anybody that the Frankfurt-Denver route is rarely using the New First Class. Instead you’re stuck in the old angled-flat.

  2. Be aware! It is not the new first class seats, it is still the old set up. It is one of the last routes that still features the old first class.

  3. TallJames–Remember me? We rode in the car from the LH FCT to the FRA-DEN flight in January and discovered we are both loyal Lucky fans! It was a great flight, wasn’t it? Although I slept in that comfy bed way more of the flight than I intended!

  4. @ron
    Every time I’ve looked at DEN-FRA equipment and every time I’ve flown it, it was new first class. But I’m not checking daily.

  5. @denise Of course I do! Wife and I are headed to Paris next month and hope to be returning on LH F. What a great airline!

  6. @ Ron — Is it really consistently? Looking at the tracker earlier that’s not what I saw.

    If it’s old product then yeah, that’s not as exciting. But they’re definitely not angled…

  7. I got in on the YYZ-MUC deal last year, flying DEN-YYZ-MUC-TXL/TXL-ZRH/ZRH-MUC-YYZ-DEN. I was able to change my return to ZRH-FRA-DEN, assuming it was the old config.

    While I was sitting in the First Class Terminal an agent told me my flight had mechanical difficulties and was delayed. Since I was in the FCT and didn’t have an onward connection, I was perfectly fine with that.

    When I was driven to the plane, I found out they’d subbed our 744 for a refitted place with new F! And I was the only F pax in the FCT so I had the Porsche to myself as we drove to the very last parking spot on the tarmac. 😀

  8. I’m looking for LH F space later in the Spring, but I might try to change my plans to snag this ahead of time. Looking at the next couple weeks, it looks like it’s new F all but a couple days. I think there is only one 744 with old F and it is not exclusively flying FRA-DEN (check here:

    Also, it’s my understanding that the fuel surcharges are much lower when booking with Singapore miles vs Aeroplan, but is that not the case anymore? I can transfer to either, but I’d rather spend the miles than the cash if there is a huge difference in the YQ.

  9. @ Michael — I don’t believe they’d differ for travel on Lufthansa. It should be whatever Lufthansa publishes.

  10. The other problem with redeeming miles (any miles) for LH F is that their pilots seem to enjoy going on strike, so even if you manage to snag an award, you may not get to take the flight.

  11. Wish they would open this up to Nov! Trying to get us switched from UA F to LH F on any route possible. This one would have worked well!

  12. I know that they are selling F space for Den but isn’t it one of the routes where F is going to get cut? I was under the impression that for the fall at least F wasn’t being offered (seats available with C service and $$$$ or elite) I know it’s coming back for winter but wasn’t sure for how long.


  13. Tempting! I have 3 seats in Y on that flight in March. Would it be so wrong if me and the wife flew upstairs and our teen daughter stayed below? I doubt she would like the caviar anyway!

  14. It’s times like this you wince because it’s like being on a boat in the middle of a lake absolutely full of fish… but you’ve got no net and no fishing rod.

    In my case, the wrong FF currency! 🙁

    Don’t get me started on credit cards… wrong country….

  15. There are seventeen 744’s. Fifteen are retrofitted, two aren’t; D-ABTF (Primarily serving EWR) and D-ABTH (Frankfurt to Denver).

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