Today Only: 50% Bonus On Choice Privileges Points

Choice Privileges is offering a flash sale on the purchase of points through 5PM EST today, Monday, October 20, 2014. Through this promotion they’re offering a 50% bonus on the purchase of Choice points.


Ordinarily you can purchase at most 20,000 Choice Privileges points per account per calendar year, though through this promotion that cap is lifted to 50,000 points, plus the 50% bonus, for a total of 75,000 Choice points.


The ordinary cost to purchase Choice Privileges points is $11 per 1,000 points, so that means through this promotion you can purchase points for as little as ~0.73 cents each.


Over summer, Choice Privileges did participate in the Daily Getaways promotion, whereby they were in some cases selling points for less than half a penny each. So while this is a good deal as far as them selling points directly goes, purchasing them through Daily Getaways was definitely a better value.

You can convert Choice Privileges points into several airline currencies, including Air Canada Aeroplan, Alaska Mileage Plan, American AAdvantage, United MileagePlus, US Airways Dividend Miles, etc. However, the transfer ratio is 5,000 Choice points per 1,000 airline miles, so this isn’t a good rate at which to pick up miles (you’d be paying ~3.5 cents per airline mile).

There’s also some potential value to be had for hotel redemptions, though they don’t publish a straigthforward award chart. To figure out whether it could make sense to purchase Choice points for the purposes of hotel stays, you’ll want to log into your account and search for award night costs. In many cases you could easily come out ahead under this promotion compared to paying cash for one of their properties, especially in Europe.


It’s interesting that they’re creating such a sense of urgency with this promotion. It really isn’t that great, so I’m guessing they’re hoping that people will make an impulse purchase. I’d probably only take advantage of this if I needed to top off an account for an award stay or mileage transfer, given that the same 50% transfer bonus applies regardless of how many points you purchase.

Do you plan on purchasing Choice Privileges points through this promotion?


  1. Interesting. I clicked on the link and the timer now shows 5 more hours. Looks like the time changed to 5pm Pacific for this sale.

    16,500 points is $121. Last month I stayed in several hotels in $500 per night rooms for 16,000 points per night. Many of the Nordic Choice hotels offered suites for the standard level of points.

  2. Would consider this as means to Companion Pass at beginning of 2015. Can anyone confirm if points transferred from Choice Hotels to Southwest count towards Companion Pass? This transfer plus a couple of SWA credit card offers going on could get a person to the 110,000 SW points needed for a companion pass.

  3. @carey, yes. i did the same earlier this year – used choice hotel points to top off the required miles for the companion pass.

  4. I jumped on it. Unfortunately I missed out on the Daily Getaways promotion this year and needed more points for an upcoming holiday vacation to London and Paris. Points at this price will save me money in the long run. Thanks for the post!

  5. Choice points are great. We redeemed the daily getaway points for our stay in Rome. Got a quality hotel for about $30 a night.

  6. We love these points for Japan. Staying at Comfort Inn – a very basic hotel, but clean and in great locations all over Japan – including breakfast for 2, cost us $35 per night at the Daily Getaway sale. An amazing deal if you are willing to stay in a small room with limited English speaking staff.

  7. the subscription of this blog comes to my blog so late in the evening, by the time I click on the offer link, it’s gone 🙁 is there a way to have it send to my mail box earlier as far as the subscription goes?

  8. @ Lee — I’d suggest signing up for RSS or checking the blog periodically in addition to the newsletter. The issue is that promos end at all different hours of the day, so there’s no way to always send out an email before promos end.

  9. How often does Choice sells points with 50% bonus in the past? not counting the Daily Getaway deal which I never seemed to be able to get a hold of any! We are going to Atlantis next June, thinking about staying at the Comfort Suites instead of Atlantis. Thanks!

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