British Airways AARP Discount Extended

We’ve seen quite a few excellent business class fare sales this year for travel between the US and Europe, often around $2,000 roundtrip.

British Airways A380 Club World

While that’s a good fare to begin with, if traveling with British Airways there are a couple of ways to knock the fare down even further:

The best thing is that these two promotions can be combined. In other words, you could knock $400 off a $2,000 business class ticket, bringing down the cost to $1,600. And then you could get a further 10% discount, for a total of ~$1,440. That’s a heck of a discount!

The bad news is that the AARP discount was set to expire as of October 14, 2014. While you could make bookings for outbound travel through March 31, 2014, that was the last day you were supposed to be able to book.


So, will the British Airways AARP discount be extended beyond October 14, 2014? Well, the AARP discount is still valid as of now, even though the promotional text hasn’t been updated.

However, if you look at the terms of the promotion, it looks like the AARP discount has been extended for bookings made through October 31, 2014:

For new bookings only made November 1, 2013 – October 31, 2014.

Will the discount be extended beyond that? I certainly hope so, as these are potentially huge savings. That being said, I’m not totally sure the numbers are working out in British Airways’ favor here, given that presumably the promotion is largely being used by people getting further discounts on already discounted business class tickets. And anyone can join AARP for just $16 per year, so there’s not exactly a huge barrier to anyone taking advantage of this discount.

Anyway, it’s not too late to use this discount, and here’s to hoping it’s extended beyond the end of the month!

Have you used the British Airways AARP discount yet?


  1. Lucky, how do you combine the AARP and Chase discounts if each requires using a separate website ( and the AARP site)?

    Can you start your booking on the AARP site to get the $65-$400 discount and then add the Chase promo code (CARDOFFERU) while booking the AARP-discounted rate?

  2. @ DCAview — That’s correct, you go to the AARP site and start making a booking, and then on the last page you can enter the promo code.

  3. So I assume you couldn’t combine this with a companion pass? I assume that because it would actually add value to that instrument 🙂

  4. @Lucky,

    Yes revenue tickets but if you could by the revenue ticket at the discounts you describe PLUS get Chase BA card companion for the fuel surcharges that would add value to that. I assume there is no way to book all that together, though I can dream.

  5. @ DaninMCI — Maybe I’m confused, but the only companion certificates I know about apply to award tickets?

  6. @Lucky your right sorry my brain is thinking Alaska Airlines. Must be Monday, duh. I just read your linked post on redeeming Avios for Air Berlin btw, good stuff. Keep up the great work !

  7. I haven’t signed up for an aarp account yet, but does it ask anything of you if you’re below fifty years old, and are you able to book flights for other people?

  8. There should be an age requirement to join AARP.

    It’s reporting like this that will make this beneficial benefit to help those on limited incomes go away like all the other benefits before them.

    Sometimes, the reporting of circumventing the system hurts it for all of us.

  9. @ Frankly — Conversely, if you’re going to look at the overall purpose of AARP, there’s more power to it if they have more members/supporters and are the voice of more people. The primary purpose of AARP isn’t travel discounts.

  10. AARP looks at pretty much everyone as a future retired person. Don’t see how this hurts their agenda at all. The AARP doesn’t represent low income seniors, but all retired persons.

  11. I was able to take advantage of this promotion last Friday and book a ticket for my husband to travel over the christmas period. It was nice to get nearly $800 off a business class tix and earn the bonus points currently on offer for flying a business fare.

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