IHG Into The Nights Promo Terms Changed

In early September I wrote about IHG Rewards Club’s Into The Nights promotion, which is their fall promotion. It’s valid for stays between September 4 and December 31, 2014.


The promotion is unique in that there are different “tasks” you have to complete in order to “unlock” the bonus points or free night certificates. People were targeted with different offers based on their stay patterns. The promotion was structured in such a way that they were trying to generate incremental business, so a lot of people without many recent stays were targeted with great promotions, while many loyal members received laughably bad offers.

I haven’t had a revenue stay with IHG all year, and my promotion looked as follows:


As I explained at the time, I was actually fairly tempted by the promotion:

This is actually a fairly lucrative promotion. I could potentially earn all the bonus points in six nights. Or I could complete four of the five tasks by making three international stays at InterContinental hotels, two of which are over the weekend. That would earn me ~65,000 bonus points, so that would be over 20,000 bonus points per night. Not too shabby at all!

Unfortunately it looks like IHG is either being really sleazy or having a serious IT issue when it comes to the promotion. Because in the past couple of days, well over six weeks into the promotion, they’ve changed the terms.

Here’s what my offer page looks like now:


As you can see, originally I only had to make one booking through the IHG App in order to “unlock” that bonus, while now I have to book five stays via the IHG App to “unlock” that bonus.

Per this FlyerTalk thread, it looks like there are lots of people in a similar situation, that have also had their offer changed overnight. I’ve reached out to a contact at IHG to seek clarity on the issue. I really hope this is an IT issue, because it would be highly unethical to change the terms of a promotion halfway through, especially as many people already completed the promotion and were just waiting for the bonus points to post.

Did your IHG Into The Nights promotion requirements change? If so, by how much?

(Tip of the hat to Jason)


  1. Mine went from 1 to 4. I thought I had already completed the requirements of this promotion, and now this.

    These people are not to be trusted.

  2. Thanks Ben for publicizing this. This is beyond ridiculous. I went from having to book 1 stay to 14 stays via the IHG app. Absolutely absurd. IHG will not get away from this. It’s bad enough that they increased the offer requirements a week or two into the promotion, but to do this again is unforgivable.

  3. I went from 1 to 14 also. I’m leaning towards some kind of bug — if they went to 3, or 5 I could believe it may have been intentional. But 14? Hard to believe they expect you to do that.

  4. Mine went from one app stay to two. This to me seems like a computer glitch of some sort and hopefully they sort it out sooner than later.

  5. My book with app task changed to a higher (way off base) number. There is no possible way this can be allowed. Luckily I kept screenshots. This has to be an IT issue, for sure. But how this will play out – we don’t know. I hope IHG fesses up.

  6. I am glad to see this post and confirm I am not losing my mind. My app challenge went from 1 night to 4 nights. One strange thing is that my 2 holiday inn stay offer shows 3 stays but not completed almost as if my stays posting and their changes to the promotion crossed somehow. It shows 2 offers complete at the top but the 2 holiday inn one is not checked off. I seriously hope this is just an IT issue.

  7. Originally only needed one booking thru the phone app. Now it says 3. Problem is, I’ve already completed one stay, and have advance paid (via the web site) another stay. Two additional stays are booked thru the phone app, but now do they really expect a third? IHG should walk this back.

  8. My requirement changed from booking one stay with the app to three. This is manageable, but I agree that it is really sleazy to change the terms like this. I hope it is an IT glitch.

  9. Mine stayed the same, the offer below twice. I haven’t looked into it yet but it seems a good offer. Any tips? I’m hoping I can book two single nights in a row.

    25,000 points or 1 Free Night(s) Stay twice and get a free night or 25,000 points or 10,000 miles (1,250 AIR MILES or 160 Airpoints). Book your stay on our ihg.com web/mobile sites or IHG App.

  10. I sat on the sidelines for this promotion. It was too difficult to collect the points on the last two Big Win promotions due to IT glitches. I don’t need the headache.

  11. Rye – in my experience 2 consecutive 1 nights at the same hotel counts as 1 stay. You can switch hotels or split up the nights to get 2 stays.

  12. I have tons of stays per year at IHG hotels. At least 50 to 60. I’m Platinum Ambassador, card holder, etc. etc. and this promo was such a turn off and punishment for being loyal. Now to change the terms on top of that is a deal breaker for me. I guess I’m looking toward Marriott in the future. Thanks IHG.

  13. @ josh.f Thanks. I was afraid of that. I’m thinking two different reservations might work but I don’t want to jeopardize getting the free nights.

  14. Mine changed from 1 to 14… That’s ridiculous. If that’s not changes, I would have completed by offers by now. But…

  15. Ben, I am currently in the middle of an extended stay (21 days) at the Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay in Singapore. I only signed up to IHG’s loyalty program just before this stay.

    Is there any way to maximize the points I will earn for this stay with above (or another) promo from IHG?

  16. Double sleazy for me. I had already booked via the app. It hadn’t posted so I’d opened a case (at this point over a week ago). Now, not only has it still not posted but I’ve jumped from 1 to 2 required.

  17. Mine went from 1 up to 14 after I had completed everything, including applying for the Chase IHG card with a lowered bonus and changing hotel brands in the middle of a vacation in order to get the say. They know they messed up and are not making good on the deal. I e-mailed them and here is their inadequate response:

    “I spoke with my colleague who told me that some members were not assigned the correct offers in the system. She advised me to let you know that what you see now is the correct offer that has been personalized for you.

    I realize this is not quite the answer you were looking for, and apologize for any added frustration. Because this was very unexpected, to you, I have issued 10,000 bonus points to your account as a gesture of goodwill.”

  18. Mine stayed the same – unfortunately. 20 nights, 18 stays with bonus point and breakfast, etc. For IHG I’ve been burn mode only.

  19. This is pretty outrageous. Luckily I took a screenshot of the offer that was initially presented to me at the time I made my bookings. From a legal point of view, they made a public offer, and a lot of us fulfilled that offer, which formed a contract for which IHG is bound to complete. The fact that they tried to change the terms after the fact is not legally effective. There’s also a promissory estoppel argument because we acted to our detriment (made bookings) in reliance of their initial offer.

    If IHG doesn’t make good on this, enough complaints to the FTC may:

  20. I had a related issue – my bookings through the app never counted. I called and they said their IT department would look into it, but I’m pretty suspicious. Anybody else having similar issues?

  21. Are the free nights good anywhere? I just need two stays for a free night (up to two free nights); looks like holiday inns count.

  22. mine changed from a stay to 17 stays ! Interresting is that for “Stay more” it only requires 9 nights.

  23. Had the exact same change on my offer as well. The original offer was simply download and use the app to book and complete a stay at an IHG property – which I did. Now my conditions have been changed to – “Book 45 stays via the IHG App” which would be absolutely laughable if it wasn’t so damn dishonest. And to add insult to injury, chasing those 45 nights only earns me 11.8K points for that step. After I completed this step as it was originally offered, I noticed my promo “progress meter” showed that I had only partially completed this promo step. So I waited for 2 weeks after the normal points for the stay had posted to my account and emailed IHG Rewards about the missing points for the promo step. Complete silence to date (about 3 weeks) – not even the standard auto-response ” we have received blah-blah” email. Given this behavior, my suspicion is that IHG had always intended to have a secondary stay X nights requirement for this step of the promo, but someone didn’t get the message in marketing/IT and/or didn’t carefully proof the copy that was being sent out as the offer. Now as claims have started to come rolling in, they are trying to simply, and very quietly, slip the “corrected copy” in to cover themselves against a potentially HUGE points liability that doesn’t really generate any real incremental business for them.

    I’ve been a fairly loyal IHG customer for a number of years. Did 94 nights with them last year – obtaining and maintaining Platinum status for the past 4 years -and have just under 1 million IHG points. As of late, however, I have become increasingly annoyed with their overly obsessive narrow targeting of promos, and have moved more business to Hilton and Hyatt. That said, I also recognize they are just acting in a rational business manner because times are good in the hotel business right now and they don’t want to do promos that make no real improvement in incremental business. In this way they’re no different than anyone else. But if this was indeed an error, I would have much more respect for them if they just stood up and admitted it while making the correction instead of trying to get it done under the radar.

  24. Checked my offer to find totally different tasks all around. My original offer in September could be completed with 3 nights including 2 Saturday nights at any Holiday Inn,

    The Into the Nights offer showing now states stay 7 nights, 2 international stays, a survey, a credit card enrollment acceptance, book a bonus points package stay and 10 stays booked on IHG mobile app.

    These are all completely different tasks than original offer.

  25. No, haven’t registered, as I only recently signed up with IHG (only because I am staying here 20 nights in a row). If the registration period is up, are there any other promos to sign up for currently, that would get me extra points or free nights?

  26. This is why I decided not to go out of my way to stay at a IHG property for the Chicago seminar. While I am fairly confident IHG will make it right eventually, the headache isn’t worth it.. BTW great to meet you in person. I felt bad interrupting you to tell you that but I was genuinely excited to have the opportunity.

  27. No changes on my end.

    As a point of comparison, I had made a grand total of 3 IHG stays in the past few years, so my reqs were extremely easy to begin with and remain unchanged.

    3 nights total, 2 nights via app, 2 Saturdays, and 2 Holiday Inn stays. So, I’m doing two Saturdays at different Holiday Inns, and one Thursday at a Holiday Inn Express. Total spend: <$500.

  28. I completed all my 5 requirements (5 nights; 2 online/app bookings; App download + 1 booking; 1 ‘Bonus Points with Breakfast’ booking; 2 Holiday Inn Express nights) by Oct 7th and was credited with all 20,300 Bonus Points on Oct 15th & have option to choose the 2 Free Nights or 29,700 points on the ‘intothenights’ page.
    Last week I was shown an additional offer of 20,000 bonus points for completing 5 of 6 new activities (including a stay between 12/24 & 12/31 and redeeming some points). NOW the offer says I have to complete all 6 activities for those points….
    Not as bad as what you are seeing but still a change of offers….

  29. My offer terms have stayed the same, but only one of my two stays since registration has posted so far, and they were both six weeks ago. Also, I booked both stays on the app, but neither has been credited as such.

    When I called customer service, they told me my registration date was September 21, when in fact I registered on September 6.

  30. So far, my terms haven’t changed, although the updating of my stays has been along the lines of bad root canals. I had to email once to get my first stay properly added, and my start date properly set, and my last two stays haven’t even showed up, despite the most recent being on Oct 12.

    I have a feeling it’s more IT ineptness than anything else, but that’s just my opinion.

  31. When I completed one stay, I was curious why the requirement for downloading the IHG app and booking a stay goal didn’t get checked off. Now I see why… fortunately for me, it went from “booking a stay” to “booking 2 stays”, which is what I did for my other two goals, anyway. So it didn’t affect me as much, but I can imagine others being very very upset at this.

  32. Emailed Richard Solomons directly about this one:

    500 points – Download and book on the IHG App
    1,000 points – Stay more (Stay 3 night(s) at any of IHG’s 4,700 hotels worldwide)
    1,000 points – Book with IHG (Book 2 stays directly on the IHG.com web/mobile sites or IHG App)
    1,000 points – Weekender (Stay 2 Saturdays at any of our IHG hotel brands)
    1,000 points – Change your view (Stay at 2 Holiday Inn hotel(s))
    2000 points – Apply for the IHG Rewards Club Select Credit Card
    Offer Points – 6,500

    Bonus Points – 43,500
    Total Points – 50,000
    Complete 4 of 5 offers and earn 43,500 bonus points and 2 free nights.

    8,800 points – Stay more (Stay 6 night(s) at any of IHG’s 4,700 hotels worldwide.)
    2,200 points – Book with IHG (Book 3 stays directly on the IHG.com web/mobile sites or IHG App)
    4,500 points – Download and book on the IHG App
    2,000 points – Apply for the IHG Rewards Club Select Credit Card
    4,800 points – Stay Smart (Stay at 2 Holiday Inn Express® hotel(s).)

    Offer Points – 22,300
    Bonus Points – 27,700
    Total Points – 50,000
    Complete 4 of 5 offers and earn 27,700 bonus points or 2 free nights.

    THe worse part is that I was one saturday night stay away from completing the original offer. Now I am no where close. I called RC customer service to at least have my change of view credited to my Stay Smart. The said they would submit the request and also gave me 10,000 points for the inconvenience. The request was approved, but I informed them that I am still not satisfied. The 10,000 points is an insult compared to what I was about to earn.

    I’ll let you everyone know what Mr. Solomons does in response to my email to him.

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