First Review Of American’s New 777-200 Business Class

Early last week American began flying their refurbished 777-200 between Dallas and Santiago.

Interestingly American chose yet another new business class product for their 777-200ERs:

  • American has reverse herringbone seats in business class on their 777-300ER aircraft, which marked the beginning of their longhaul fleet renewal
  • American is starting to install staggered business class seats on their 767-300 aircraft

I do find it rather interesting that American is installing yet another new business class product on their 777-200ERs. My understanding is that the reason they didn’t install the same product on the 777-200ER as on the 777-300ER is because the seat design was only licensed to them for the 777-300ER, so it was cheaper to just come up with a new seat design for the 777-200ER.

American 777-300ER business class seat

The new design looked similar to what they had on the 777-300ER, though the seats were staggered between facing forwards and backwards.

Anyway, the plane started flying between Dallas and Santiago early last week, and FlyerTalk member TokinaMaso seems to have published the first 777-200ER new business class trip report on FlyerTalk, so I’d highly recommend checking it out.

American 777-200ER new business class seat

American 777-200ER new business class seat

American 777-200ER new business class seat

Based on the pictures there are a few things I find interesting:

  • Each seat has two 110v and two USB outlets — awesome!
  • The rear facing seats have two smaller side tables, while the forward facing seats have one side table — apparently the total table “volume” is greater with the rear facing seats
  • Storage space is seriously lacking, especially compared to the 777-300ER, which has plenty of storage
  • The seats look quite confined, especially around the head area

Ample American 777-300ER business class seat storage

Ample American 777-300ER business class seat storage

Overall TokinaMaso seems to be impressed by the product, though based on the pictures I don’t necessarily have the same impression.

Don’t get me wrong, compared to other products out there I think it’s still a great hard product. But I was told by several people in the design team that the 777-200ER business class product was going to even blow the 777-300ER business class product away, and that doesn’t seem to be the case. Based on what I’m seeing I’d say the 777-300ER still features the best business class product in the fleet.

What are your impressions of American’s new 777-200ER business class?


  1. Hey liucky-
    I think it would be an interesting idea for a post for you to rank all of the new AA’s J products
    (LAA/LUS 757, 767, 772, 773, a330)

  2. Lucky, also maybe time to have less focus on American. ( we know that’s your preferred NA airline.). But some United reviews would be great too. I think we’re all tired of hearing about American here. Been following your blog now for a couple of years and it’s been ALONG time since you’ve reviewed any United as of late, sure there’s been Delta to Santiago etc….

  3. I hope it isn’t as bad as it seems, but as a plus sized fellow, I am concerned with the narrowness and lack of storage. Storage is a big deal on a long flight.

    I, like you, was expecting something at least as good as 77W. I guess “best” is not something AA is comfortable with.

  4. Flying SCL-DFW the end of March so will share my comments after that. One note – the seat maps on seatguru and both show the new 772 for my flight, which is on a Monday. All the schedules I’ve seen show Monday’s SCL-DFW are not retro-fitted, so looks like they plan to go with all retro 772’s by the end of March it seems.

  5. I’ve flown the 772 from NRT-DFW and it is indeed narrow and indeed rocks when your unintended seatmate moves and how do you turnoff those lil lights??

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