Park Hyatt New York Points + Cash Suite Awards

Arguably the most anticipated hotel opening of the year has been the Park Hyatt New York, which I had the opportunity to stay at on their opening night. It’s an absolutely gorgeous property, and deserving of its place as the flagship Park Hyatt property.

Park Hyatt New York pool

Something that has made this hotel interesting is that for the most part they haven’t been selling standard rooms, and in turn haven’t been making any standard room award nights available. Hyatt has no blackout dates on award nights, so as long as a standard room is available you can redeem points for it. But when there are no standard rooms…

As the schedule has opened up a year out, some standard rooms have periodically become available, though we’re talking about as many award rooms as there are Qantas first class award seats.

You have been able to redeem points for a suite, which requires a 60% premium in points. So for 48,000 points per night suite redemptions have been readily available.


I was quite surprised when I received the following email from Hyatt Gold Passport today:

At Park Hyatt New York, experience all that New York has to offer while being nestled near New York’s cultural icons including Carnegie Hall, the Museum of Modern Art and Central Park. And, with this exclusive, limited‑time offer, treat yourself to a unique and unparalleled experience in a suite on your next stay.

Book a Points + Cash Suite Award and indulge in the personalized luxury of a Park Hyatt New York suite:

  • Experience the spacious Park Suite for 30,000 points + $400 per night
  • Spoil yourself in the corner-unit West Side Suite, complete with butler service, for 30,000 points + $600 per night

Each one of our luxurious suites was designed for a lavish yet home-like feel and is furnished with the finest in museum-quality artwork, pristine Italian linens and signature Le Labo products.

Call 800-228-3360 in the U.S. and Canada or your nearest Worldwide Reservation Center today to book a Points + Cash Suite Award at Park Hyatt New York by December 1, 2014 for stays through February 28, 2015. Don’t wait — reserve this exclusive stay today.


Hyatt Points + Cash is one of my favorite aspects of Gold Passport, though ordinarily is only available on standard rooms. In this case they’re actually proactively offering us Points + Cash availability… but only in suites.

Suite at Park Hyatt New York

30,000 Gold Passport points would be the rate for a free night at a Category 7 property (which the Park Hyatt New York is). Beyond that:

  • $400 is the standard difference between the cost of a Park Deluxe and a Park Suite
  • $600 is the standard difference between the cost of a Park Deluxe and West Side Suite


So they’re basically letting us redeem the number of points needed for a standard room award night plus pay the cash difference between that and a suite.

Bottom line

I’m sure most of us would far prefer to see a Points + Cash rate for a standard room, and then be able to use a Diamond Suite Upgrade Award to confirm a suite.

Ultimately something just isn’t adding up with the standard room situation at this hotel. I understand that at the time of opening they may not have had many standard rooms available, but booking a year out, are all their standard rooms really sold out? If so, how many standard rooms do they actually have?

Technically they are following the “letter of the law,” given that they are making all standard rooms available on points… they’re just not selling very many standard rooms.

Would you take advantage of this Points + Cash offer for a suite?


  1. Unless you’re swimming in UR points or Hyatt points, I’d say there are quite a few better uses for 30k/night. To someone with a limited/average supply of Hyatt points the $400+/night premium kills the value IMO.

  2. I’m totally up for this as I was just there a few weeks ago and it’s totally worth it. That said, it’s showing no points availability the weekend before 1/13/15 when I want to be there. With demand so weak you think they’d release some availability.

  3. But, for those who travel 50 weeks a year like me. It’s hotel nirvana. When you’re in the hot tub and the bubbles stop? A guy runs over and tuns them back on for you. Your room? Everything you touch is of the highest and most exquisite quality. The door to the bathroom? Closes like the door of a 560 SEL.

  4. @John doesn’t say much that the bathroom door closes like a 25 yr old MB..

    I don’t see value at 30K + 400/n for a suite.

  5. I was actually offered this over the phone last week and was surprised by the option as I never heard of it before. I was told it’s very new and only for the PH NY.
    @MEOW No, it’s not targeted, you just need to call and ask for the option and they can tell you availability.

  6. Wouldn’t it be a better value to just use 48,000 points? 18,000 instead of $400 (plus taxes on the $400 probably). More than 2c/point is pretty good value for Hyatt Points.

  7. @Lucky — I made this comment over at Gary’s blog on a similar topic, but it went unanswered. Perhaps you can explain:

    This doesn’t make sense to me.

    If the hotel is operating at or near capacity, it gets reimbursed the average daily rate or some similar amount. So, in that case, they have no incentive to not offer rooms for awards.

    If the hotel is NOT operating at or near capacity, they have excess rooms that will simply go vacant for the night. So why not offer rooms for awards? In that case, what’s the incentive not to offer rooms? The variable costs?

    Further, if the hotel is operating at say 60% capacity, and they release the remaining 40% inventory for awards, it’s very likely, given how popular this hotel is, that the rooms will fill up, taking the hotel passed the magical line between “basically no money” and “ADR” for all awards. (Unless it’s only ADR for those awards booked past that magical line, but even then…)

  8. @ Carl — I agree, though keep in mind when outright redeeming points for a suite you have to redeem for at least three nights. So that’s one consideration.

  9. @ MEOW — It could be that only Diamond members and/or people that have stayed at the hotel received the email, but it should be open to everyone.

  10. @ Carl Unless you want to earn stay credits which you will not for the full award. As this is a points + cash rate it should earn stay credits..

  11. Here in NYC
    I heard from another Hyatt property management official a number of standard rooms are still not finished / open yet for sale due to construction delays issues
    Seems hard to believe
    I can’t confirm or deny this but perhaps it could be true

  12. @John doesn’t say much that the bathroom door closes like a 25 yr old MB.

    When it was new and it represented the pinnacle of cost no object German engineering. But, you knew what I meant. So, I don’t know why you bought it up…

    But, the again, when we’re you there that you can confirm there is no value in a suite?

  13. shucks – was there last week for event at UN. Even brought the frau. Well tried the Westin Central Station, Hyatt Union Square and another. Wont be back for a while.

  14. @ Tony and John

    It says a lot if the door closes like a benz. I loved my e430 and e320. For some reason I really liked the way the doors closed. You could tell the car was solid and high quality. Even after 360k miles and 15 years, still sounds and feels great !

  15. @John to spend $400 + points for a suit isn’t worth it, I don’t stay at many Hyatt properties to get all excited. I stay mostly in SPG properties.

  16. Thank goodness the Barclay is being renovated. The prices for the PH NYC are ridiculous, and I am not impressed with the 2 Andaz properties. Hyatt needs to get over itself in NYC.

  17. @ Gene — I think you’re a bit off in which hotels you’re comparing prices to. Have you looked at the prices of the Ritz properties in New York, when the Park Hyatt is hands down nicer? It’s a different market, not one that most of us points collectors (myself included) like to pay for.

  18. Some hotels just don’t like to play nicely within the rules of their programs. For example the Westin Berlin is notorious for a similar scarce “standard” room trick — you can find standard rooms only rarely but there seem to be hundreds of deluxe rooms, always available at a modest points premium.

    In this case, though, given that I would think the Park Hyatt NY is owned and run by Hyatt corporate rather than a franchisee (though I could be wrong about that) you would think they would be making more of an effort to play by the rules.

  19. The various Hyatt properties in NYC have their pluses and minuses, there is no standout. For me it depends on location and price as much as anything. The two newest properties (Times Square on 45th St and Hyatt Lex) have very small rooms. Breakfast is in the restaurant at both and is high quality, though it can quite slow at the Times Sq location. The Grand Hyatt is at Grand Central and a big conference hotel. The rooms I have had have been tastefully furnished and generally have a sitting area, but the bathrooms are usually tiny without counter space. The Grand Hyatt has perhaps the nicest club lounge for a domestic hotel, with pretty varied breakfast offerings that include lox and a warm egg dish, as well as more varied evening options than most. But you don’t get restaurant breakfast. The Andaz can be OK though I feel it has gone downhill a bit since it first opened, and the desk/chair setup isn’t very comfortable for working in the room. Breakfast is high quality but can be slow.

  20. FYI Ben,

    I just booked a Points + Cash award for 3 nights beginning January 30th, and used a DSU to upgrade to a Park Junior Suite. It’s part of a thanks for putting up with me trip for my parents.

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