100% Bonus On US Airways Miles Extended Through October 12, 2014

Since early September, US Airways has been offering up to a 100% bonus on the purchase of Dividend Miles. This promotion was supposed to run through September 30, 2014, though has now been extended through October 12, 2014.


Through this promotion the bonuses are tiered, based on the number of points you purchase, as follows:

  • 1,000-9,000 miles = 25% Bonus
  • 10,000-19,000 miles = 50% Bonus
  • 20,000-29,000 miles = 75% Bonus
  • 30,000-50,000 miles = 100% Bonus


You can earn 100% bonus miles on up to 50,000 purchased miles, for a total of 100,000 miles.


The cost to purchase US Airways miles is ordinarily 3.5 cents each plus a 7.5% federal excise tax, or a total of ~3.76 cents each. So through this promotion the cost to purchase US Airways Dividend Miles is ~1.88 cents per mile, assuming you maximize the promotion.

What makes this promotion especially interesting is that it’s apparently the last chance to buy miles under the current terms. For the past several years US Airways has offered a 100% bonus on the purchase of miles more often than not, though apparently they’ll be changing their approach towards selling miles. That’s why it’s kind of odd they’re extending the promotion through the middle of the month, since oftentimes they’d be releasing a new promotion altogether tomorrow morning.

This does indeed add credibility to this being the last promotion like this ever. So if you want to pick up US Airways miles for 1.88 cents each, you have just under two weeks left to do so.

Ultimately that’s not a rate at which I’d speculatively pick up miles without a short term use, given that I’m sure we’ll eventually see an award chart devaluation. That being said, if you can redeem in the near term, it’s tough to beat some of the values on US Airways’ award chart (like 120,000 miles for roundtrip Cathay Pacific first class between the US and Hong Kong).

Cathay Pacific first class

Will you be buying US Airways miles under the current promotion?


  1. “This does indeed add credibility to this being the last promotion like this ever.”

    i would argue it means quite the opposite… if they are so desperate to sell miles at these rates… and they still don’t have buyers… how can they increase the price???

  2. @ Lantean — Not sure why you’re interpreting it as “they don’t have any buyers, which is why they’re extending the promo.” I think it’s just one last hurrah, and they want to give everyone a chance to take advantage of it.

  3. I took advantage of the sharing miles in the past. I was thinking about taking advantage of this one as one last time to purchase oneworld miles at a discount and in volume. But I am finding trans Atlantic award space harder to get then ever on oneworld. I had to end up booking a trip to London for next summer using my US Dividend miles and the taxes fees were $1300 plus to add insult a phone fee of $40 on top plus of course 125000 miles.

    WIth the slew of business class fares for $2300 ish dollars lately, I am not sure the math even made sense on 1.1 cpm let alone 1.8 However I am traveling in F and I did manage to get the whole family of 4 to Europe next summer.

  4. I’m tempted to buy 30K miles so I can have 120K for a first class trip to Asia. But I do have couple of questions and want to see what you think.

    1. Does U.S. Airways still allow award travel to North Asia via Europe? I plan to go to Hong Kong but would like to make a stop in Europe, probably London or somewhere nearby (Have BA avios for short distance flight so I can avoid the hefty airport tax at LHR).

    2. What is the likelihood of being able to book first class trip to Europe and be able to fly Cathay Pacific from Europe to Hong Kong and then back to San Francisco all in First class around Thanksgiving time? (I don’t have an airline preference for the segment from SFO to Europe, is it easy to get First class on either U.S. Airways or its award partner on this segment?)

    3. How many days out can I book award flight on U.S. Airways? I don’t plan on flying until mid or late November 2015, so when is the earliest I can book?

    4. What is the likelihood that U.S. Airways further devalue their partner award chart in 2014? I would hate to spend money to buy enough miles and then end up getting hit by another mile devaluation before I have a chance to book the flight. What do you think?

  5. @ Raymond —

    1) Yes, you can still route from the US to North Asia via Europe.
    2) I’d say chances are good, though keep in mind if you want to fly transatlantic first class you’ll be more or less limited to British Airways, which imposes fuel surcharges.
    3) 335 days out: http://onemileatatime.boardingarea.com/2014/03/21/when-do-airlines-open-award-seats/
    4) I’d say it’s likely it’ll be 2015 before any further changes are made, though I could be wrong.

  6. Hi Lucky – is a trip to Europe via the Middle East (if using Qatar on both ways allowable?)

    e.g. – ORD-DOH-LHR? TIA

  7. Do you have a figure in mind of potential percentage of devaluation? Would it be 150%? 200%? And when in next year do you see the devaluation taking place?

  8. @ Norman — No sense of when in the year it will happen. I suspect the devaluation would impact premium cabins most, so economy won’t go up much at all, while business and first will go up substantially (though will vary by market).

  9. Lucky,
    Ha, sorry for pushing for an answer, just want to be sure if I want to top up my mileage account a bit. I’ll accept it even if it’s 170k roundtrip, just don’t exceed 200k.

  10. Can the same person purchase two times? 50,000 and get 50,000 bonus; then do it again? It looks like I can, but I’m leery of going through with the purchase if I don’t get the bonus.

  11. @ mdtravel — You’re limited to 100,000 miles per account per promotion including the bonus, unfortunately.

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