Chase Ink Plus 70,000 Point Sign-Up Bonus!

Update: This offer for the Ink Plus® Business Credit Card is expired. Please check out the current list of the best current travel credit cards.

Link: Ink Plus Business Credit Card

For a limited time, Chase is offering an increased sign-up bonus of 70,000 Ultimate Rewards points on the Ink Plus Business Credit Card after spending $5,000 within three months. This is an incredible offer, as the highest sign-up bonus Chase has offered to the general public has been 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points.

The offer was made available earlier this summer, but you could only get it by going in to a Chase branch, so this is much more convenient for many of us.

The catch with this bonus is that the $95 annual fee isn’t waived, which it otherwise has been for the first year. With an extra 20,000 Ultimate Rewards points, I would say that it is definitely worth paying the $95 annual fee.

The Ink Plus Business Credit Card comes with great benefits that include the following:

  • Earn 5x points per $1 on the first $50,000 spent at office supply stores and on cable, internet, TV, and cell phones.
  • Earn 2x points per $1 on the first $50,000 at gas stations and hotel accommodations
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • 1:1 point transfer to many frequent travel programs

Redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points for travel in Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class!

For me, this makes it a great card for everyday spend. I have an outrageous cell phone bill, so getting 5x points there is fantastic, not to mention the other bonus categories.

In addition to being an extremely rewarding small business credit card, the Ink Plus® Business Credit Card also offers several tools for managing small business expenses. Additional employees can be given cards for no fee, and the card administrator can set individual spending limits on each card, which is a nice feature.

It’s also worth noting that you’re looking for more of a rebate towards travel, you can always redeem your points towards travel through the Ultimate Rewards mall. It’s typically not as great a value as you’d get by transferring points to travel partners, but even when redeeming through the Ultimate Rewards mall you’re still getting a 20% discount on travel.

Bottom Line

This is a great offer, actually the best offer that has ever been made publicly available for this card. In terms of the value from everyday spend and the new sign-up bonus, this card is top notch. If you don’t have it already, hopefully this bonus is enough to make you “bite.” It should be a no brainer.

Link: Ink Plus Business Credit Card


  1. Can you take out this card if you do not run your own business? I’ve heard there are ways around this?

    Thank you for the help,


  2. @Lucky,
    Got this earlier in person and I noted that the fineprint said it was only 4x on cell phones, internet, office supplies, etc. Not sure if that was a typo or not, but curious if anyone else has noticed that.

  3. If you have two businesses and already have the card for the first businesses, can you get the bonus by applying for a card for your second business?

  4. @ Graham — To clarify, the bonus is 4x points, for a total of 5x points per dollar (including the point per dollar you usually earn).

  5. @ Pat+ — Haven’t done it myself, but I’ve heard from many people that have been able to get the card for multiple businesses.

  6. I don’t technically own my own business but I work for a business- can I still get one?
    And if so, would the tax ID number required be the company’s Tax ID or my SSN?

    the card does seem like a good deal but lucky, how good is it from a redemption point of view for travel domestically in the US? (particularly Delta + American, which are the two main carriers I use).


  7. Given that the Chase Ink Bold may be disappearing, would it perhaps not be better to apply for that now, take the 50,000 points, and later apply for the Ink Plus? Sure you miss out on the current 70k offer for the Plus. But doing it this way gets you 100k UR points (eventually) rather than 70k.

  8. @lucky – any idea how long this is gonna be active/be around? have too many hits lately and need some breathing room but dont wanna miss out at the same time. so wanna time it more appropriately. thanks!

  9. T&C state bonus not available to current cardmembers of this card or previous cardmembers who received the bonus in the last 24 months.

    This card meaning PLUS.

  10. I am existing Ink card holder. I received an email offering me 10,000 UR per approved card referral, up to 50,000. New card apps also offered the 70,000 sign up bonus. Lucky – should I hold out for a better referral comp, or is this the going rate?

  11. @ Adi_T — Ultimately you could apply as a sole proprietorship, in which case you’d want to use your SSN. If you’re not an authorized officer at a company you can’t apply with their tax ID.

    Ultimate Rewards points are fantastic for domestic travel. You can redeem them through British Airways, as their Avios program is an amazing value. Domestic awards are available for as little as 4,500 Avios one-way, for example.

  12. Drat! Applied on Friday for the 50k offer and got approved Monday morning. I’m on hold right now to plead for the extra 20k since the offer changed within 24 biz hours of my application.

    Lucky, have you ever had luck with that kind of request?

  13. Just hung up with Chase. What I didn’t realize was that the 50k offer waived the annual fee for the first year, while the 70k includes $95 fee for the first year. They offered to raise my bonus to 60k with my current first year fee waiver, and didn’t budge on the 70k even when I said I’d pay the first year $95. But as it stands, I figure that means I’m getting 60k for nothing as opposed to buying 70k for $95 (which is still $.001 per point- a great deal).

    So as you said, it really didn’t hurt to ask!

    @Glen- Ink Bold might be disappearing?

  14. Just because I’m feeling extra douchey today, I want to be sure to point out I’m not using your referral link only because I found your Kickstarter campaign so obnoxious.

  15. @Lucky – I was just approved four weeks ago under the 50k bonus offer. I sent a message on the secure message account requesting to be changed to the 70k offer. As another reader pointed out, the 70k offer does not waive the annual fee for the first year (my 50k offer did) so they were unable to change the terms (Dodd-Frank prohibits credit card fees increasing in the first 12 months of an account) but they gave me 10k extra points just for asking. 60k and waived annual fee is pretty awesome!

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