Presale Event: December Frequent Traveler University

Good morning from Chicago!

I’m here for the Frequent Traveler University Advanced, which is taking place this weekend. These events have become pretty popular, with the past several selling out in less than 24 hours.

I really do enjoy participating in these events, though I’m not really involved in the planning. However, the event organizers have been working with USA Today to expand the event, and it sounds pretty exciting.

The first event in the new format will be held on the weekend of December 5th in Washington DC. There will be three “segments” of the event, so there should be something for everyone:

  • FTU Standard — the normal, beginners FTU. The normal “faculty” will teach, but USA Today are adding main stream travel writers, consumer “advocates” and others as part of the program
  • FTU Advanced will be held in a private separate area of the hotel and will be capped at 125 attendees
  • FT Expo — a travel related expo hosted by USA Today will be introduced

Tickets will be sold via USA Today starting October 10th, but you can order tickets until then via the following links:

The pre-sale goes live at 9:30AM Central on Sunday (today), so if you want tickets (particularly to the advanced sessions), I’d jump on those sooner rather than later.

Hyatt Regency Crystal City
Host hotel: The Hyatt Regency Crystal City

I will be speaking and socializing throughout the weekend, as will Gary, Scott, Stephan, Greg, and Darius, and I know lots of others that have yet to be announced will be there as well. Hope to see lots of you there as well!


  1. Never heard of Reagan International Airport. Do they mean (Reagan) Washington National Airport? 😉

    (I’m local and would love to go in theory. Unfortunately I have other commitments that weekend, and Metro’s weekend track work would make it quite a commute.)

  2. It’s also a bit incongruous to see the page list the event location as an address on “Jefferson Davis Highway” in DC. I’m sure the United Daughters of the Confederacy wanted that route to extend into the District, but I imagine that the federal government would have had other ideas.

  3. Thanks! I can’t succumb to the seduction of this information-rich event and did my first impulse purchase on a Sunday morning while drinking coffee. Long time lurker/reader, first time FTU event attendee here. Any advice for people like me? Is it a no-brainer that I have to stay at Hyatt Regency Crystal City?

  4. @ Collector — Welcome! You can certainly stay where you want, though the Hyatt will almost entirely be occupied by people from the event, so it’s a good place to stay if you can. Look forward to meeting you!

  5. Off topic: maybe you already saw this Lucky but it looks like theres another double bed in the sky, although its on China Eastern’s new 777W.

  6. Seriously considering attending this event for the first time. In addition to having an interest in all things travel, I’m starting a business this year specializing in booking travel and taking people on trips. Do you think I’d be able to benefit from this?

  7. I just registered about 1/2 an hour ago but haven’t received a confirmation email yet. How long did it take those of you who have registered to receive your email?

  8. @ Julianne — I registered about three hours ago and still have not seen a confirmation email. But I can see that the system charged my credit card so I assume the email will arrive soon.

  9. @Sandra, thanks for the info. I still have not received the confirmation email, but see the temporary authorization on my credit card, so felt comfortable enough to book my air and hotel.

  10. @ John — I’d say it’s about 50/50. Some bring a spouse, some bring a friend, some come alone. Hopefully a fun time regardless.

  11. Lucky, it says that it’s already sold out (that’s what I get for not keeping up with your blog for a couple of days)! Do you think there’s any chance they’ll do a waitlist or release more tickets for FTU Advanced?

  12. @ Will — in the past, Milepoint forums had a thread for each FTU where people posted request for tickets or that they were selling tickets (that’s how I sold my FTU Adv. ticket to the event a few weeks ago).

    @ Lucky — excited to see what changes now that USA Today is a partner; it’s my birthday weekend though so have to take a rain check. Plus, who wants to be in DC that time of the year? You should come to Texas 😉

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