Q4 2014 Hilton HHonors Hotel Category Changes

As of April of this year, Hilton HHonors has shifted how they make award category changes. Rather than having massive award chart changes every so often, they’re doing quarterly hotel category adjustments. That’s to say that they’re not changing the number of points required for each category every quarter, but rather are shifting which hotels belong in which categories.

Ultimately I favor anything which isn’t an award chart massacre like what we saw with HHonors early last year, though I don’t really buy that this is being done to increase transparency.

Basically, rather than emailing members when there’s a big award chart change, they now have a website where Hilton lists the category changes. That sounds great in theory, except I’m not sure how a vast majority of members are expected to know when these changes happen.

Q4 2014 HHonors category changes

Anyway, these seem to be happening quarterly, so Hilton HHonors has just announced the award category changes for this quarter, which kick in for bookings made on/after October 8, 2014 (though you can stay on a subsequent date and still qualify for the old rates).

There will be 21 hotels increasing in HHonors category, as follows:

  1. The Morrison Dublin, a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel – New Category: 7
  2. Conrad Dublin – New Category: 7
  3. DoubleTree by Hilton London Victoria – New Category: 7
  4. DoubleTree by Hilton London Marble Arch – New Category: 8
  5. Hampton Inn Florence-Midtown – New Category: 3
  6. Hampton Inn Clarksville – New Category: 2
  7. Homewood Suites Richmond Airport – New Category: 3
  8. Hampton Inn Silver Spring – New Category: 4
  9. Hampton Inn Medford – New Category: 5
  10. Embassy Suites Palmdale – New Category: 5
  11. Hampton Inn and Suites Ocala – New Category: 5
  12. Homewood Suites Medford – New Category: 5
  13. Homewood Suites Atlantic City/Egg Harbor – New Category: 5
  14. Doubletree Club Hotel Boston-Bayside – New Category: 6
  15. Hampton Inn & Suites Boston Crosstown Center – New Category: 6
  16. Hilton Boston Logan Airport – New Category: 7
  17. Hampton Inn & Suites Ocean City Bayfront / Convention Center – New Category: 7
  18. Hilton Boston Back Bay – New Category: 8
  19. Hilton Boston Financial District – New Category: 8
  20. Hilton Carlsbad Resort and Spa – New Category: 8
  21. Waldorf Astoria Chicago – New Category: 10


Then there will be 12 hotels decreasing in HHonors category, as follows:

  1. Hilton Garden Inn Rzeszow – New Category: 1
  2. Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa – New Category: 9
  3. Hilton Garden Inn Kutahya – New Category: 1
  4. Hampton Inn Ordu – New Category: 1
  5. Hilton Garden Inn Mardin – New Category: 2
  6. Hilton Kayseri – New Category: 2
  7. Hampton Chattanooga Airport – New Category: 3
  8. Hampton Inn Henderson – New Category: 3
  9. Hampton Inn Jacksonville East/Regency Square – New Category: 3
  10. Hampton Inn & Suites Center – New Category: 4
  11. Hampton Tucson-North – New Category: 4
  12. Hampton Shelbyville – New Category: 4


It’s interesting how many of the increases are centered around Boston and Dublin. I get that award category increases reflect higher average daily room rates, but are those markets really booming so much more than everyone else?

It also looks like the Waldorf Astoria Chicago is going up a category — I stayed there recently and really enjoyed my stay, so it’s a shame that it’s going up a category.

Waldorf Astoria Chicago King Suite living room

I do have to give Hilton HHonors credit, however, for at least communicating these changes on FlyerTalk. That by no means replaces communicating directly with members, but that’s more than they’ve done in the past.

Bottom line

Ultimately these are minor changes — 21 hotels are going up in category and 12 are going down in category, so that’s a net of nine hotels becoming more expensive. If these are the worst changes we’ll see from HHonors, I’m certainly fine with that…


  1. Waste of time even talking about Hilton Hhonors since the massive devaluation. Is anyone actually redeeming the ridiculous amount of points required for these stays?? Oh wait, maybe there is still some “value” to these points at Category 1’s… LMAO

  2. Just stayed at Hilton Liverpool UK and now they are telling us that they have stopped serving spirits in the Executive Lounges throughout Europe.

    What’s the poiunt of being a Diomond Member?

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