Last Chance To Buy US Airways Miles At Current Price?

US Airways almost seems like a premium cabin alliance consolidator at times, given for how many years they’ve been selling miles at very lucrative rates. Over the past several years there have been more months where they’ve sold miles with a 100% bonus than not.

Nowadays the cost to purchase US Airways miles is 3.5 cents per mile, plus a 7.5% federal excise tax, for a total of ~3.76 cents per mile. Then they’re usually offering a 100% bonus on purchased miles, bringing down the cost per purchased mile to ~1.88 cents.

That’s certainly not a rate at which I’d necessarily hoard miles, as the cost to generate miles with US Airways isn’t quite as good as it used to be:

Redeem US Airways miles for Qatar Airways business class

All of this brings me to a claim that Gary makes:

I’m told that this is likely the last go of a 100% bonus on US Airways miles at current pricing. This isn’t a public or official pronouncement, but something I’ve been told — that as part of integrating the Dividend Miles and AAdvantage programs, at a latest case come November the bonus and pricing structure for US Airways miles will look more like the old American approach.

I haven’t heard that firsthand, but if Gary says it I would assume it’s true.

US Airways is offering up to a 100% bonus on purchased miles through September 30, 2014, so it might be worth revisiting that promotion in the context of this new information. Through this promotion they’re offering tiered bonuses based on the number of miles you purchase, as follows:

  • 1,000-9,000 miles = 25% Bonus
  • 10,000-19,000 miles = 50% Bonus
  • 20,000-29,000 miles = 75% Bonus
  • 30,000-50,000 miles = 100% Bonus


This new information is certainly making me consider “right sizing” some of my frequent flyer accounts. For example, earlier in the year I generated 90,000 miles for several US Airways accounts thanks to the 100% bonus on shared miles, so now I’m trying to decide if I should top them off into more useful increments, given the new information we have. Then again, you have to generate a minimum of 60,000 miles in order to get the 100% bonus, so that’s not exactly “topping off.”

Bottom line

I’m skeptical that US Airways will actually change the way they sell miles. I’m not at all questioning Gary, but I kind of feel like selling miles is a habit they’ll have a hard time breaking. I’ll be curious to see what the changes will be — will they heavily restrict the number of miles you can purchase, raise the cost per purchased mile, or scrap these “sales” altogether?

What do you think?


  1. Gary’s so full of sh*t!!!

    He should go write a food blog instead. Maybe he can tell us which Thai restaurant serves the best Pad Thai.

    IMO he wishes to be just like Lucky.

    He’s unoriginal and lately he’s been getting a lot of smack from his readers about it too since a “Ken” called him out on it royally about a month ago.

    He says that he’s only banned 2 people from his blog, but he moderates his comments so closely that if he didn’t the number would be in the 1000’s.

    Gary…if your reading this….spend some more quality time with your Wife and do not quit your day job!

  2. Ben, your blog is original, entertaining and sometimes a little controversial but that’s what make your blog what it is.

    Thank to you my Family has been able to travel the world in ways we would never have been able to.

    Gary is so unoriginal even with the humor on his blog and he calls himself “quirky”. What guy do you know calls himself quirky?

    If he is right on a subject he doesn’t shut up about it. Justlike how he invented the word “skypesos”.

    If he is wrong, he quickly Ganges the subject.

    What a has been!!!!

    Why hasn’t Gary written any trip reports lately?

    Because he’s gained so much weight eating so much food that he needs a seat belt extender now and he’s too embarrassed to show his gut anymore that’s why!!!

  3. wasn’t Gary on a diet like a year ago? he used to post his progress but then i lost track of it… not sure what happened. i remember some people were surprised he’s not even 40 yo yet.

  4. Gary used to post right after you all the time and contradict a lot of your posts trying to prove you wrong.

    Why? Because he’s unoriginal and jealous of you. Your his main competition and he needs to steal your referrals and page hits.

    Just look back a month or so. You’ll see the truth. That’s why he’s deleted all of Ken’s truth from his blogs. But the people that did see the truth is now giving him a hard time about it.

    He’s trying really hard but his unoriginality is showing.

  5. “I generated 90,000 miles for several US Airways accounts”

    What does this mean? You have multiple accounts? You transfer to friends/family for the bonus and have them book tickets in your name?

  6. And Gary’s award booking service sucks. He has a nasty guy named Steve who runs it,who wants you to pay him to book you in First Class and then complains when you don’t want to go in Business Class. I contacted them for an award to the South Pacific and they answered me after a few days saying “we don’t book these because they are virtually impossible.”

  7. Don’t think you can say they aren’t having any share promos anymore (unless you have inside info) they just aren’t having one at the moment. But they have always been irregular, a year ago people were saying just the same and then they had them twice before Xmas!

  8. @ Bono — When US Airways had a share miles promotion with a 100% bonus, I transferred points between the accounts of several family members.

  9. @ Steve — Not saying they won’t have another share miles promotion, but I’m sure it will be under the new cost and not the old cost.

  10. Since Gary moderates my comments on his blog, can someone please tell him to stop taking selfies in the airplane lavatory. He looks creepy and those man boobs are disgusting to look at. I don’t think he’s done a push-up in his life.

  11. Gary’s motto is…if you don’t like my blog, then go elsewhere.

    His posts are SOOOOOOOO LONG and SOOOOOOOOOO BORING. He just rambles on and on trying to sound educated. I feel sorry for his Wife who has to hear that every night. She probably thanks God every day for noise cancelling headsets.

    I don’t see any contradicting posts to Lucky lately.
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    I don’t see any food posts lately.
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    I do see a lot of boring and unoriginal posts lately.
    Why??? Self-explanatory!!!

  12. I’m sure this is not what Lucky wants to hear but whenever I’ve had questions, he’s always answered in ways that’s helped me so that I can book the flights myself and learn in the process.

    Gary on the other hand will give you half ass answers and try to steer you into using his booking service.

    I’m not saying to give out all your secrets but telling people a specific class of service is impossible when it is possible with some homework. Or always telling people that they have to fly to a specific gateway city out of pocket and try to book them into a different class of service to make his life easier. He just treats everyone like a number instead of trying to give them an aspirational vacation they have worked so hard in acquiring the points.

    He runs his blog and booking service like everything else in his life…HALF ASS! with a BIG DOUBLE ASS to prove it!

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