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I’m in Chicago this weekend for FTU Advanced, and I know well over a hundred people are flying in for that. For those of you that are enroute to Chicago but haven’t been following the news, it looks like a vast majority of flights to/from Chicago have been canceled. As of now there’s a ground stop till noon for O’Hare and Midway, and hundreds of flights have been canceled.

Via CBS Chicago:

Authorities said a contract employee at a Federal Aviation Administration radar center in Aurora set a fire in the building Friday morning, prompting the facility to be evacuated, and grounding all flights to and from Chicago’s airports.

More than 700 flights were canceled at O’Hare International Airport as a result of the fire, and more than 150 were canceled at Midway International Airport, according to the Chicago Department of Aviation.

Aurora Police Chief Greg Thomas said a contract employee at the facility apparently set the fire, and suffered burns and self-inflicted knife wounds. CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli reports it was not immediately clear if the employee was deliberately trying to sabotage equipment at the facility, but Thomas said there was no explosion and the fire was not a terrorist act.

Self-inflicted knife wounds? Ouch. Hope everyone involved is okay.

To those of you flying into/out of Chicago today, what has been your experience dealing with this situation?



  1. Just landed at LAX from SFO and there were a great number of people in the lounge trying to rebook flights. The line was out the door.

  2. My 4:15 AA flight from LGA was cancelled. I was rebooked on a later departure and am now standing by for an earlier departure. Hope I can make it on time for the reception this evening.

  3. At LAX now, flight delayed 1 hour. That’s their story and they are sticking to it, or are they sticking it to me?

  4. my 1125am flight was cancelled. called and was told there were no seats today. when I found a routing online I booked it at a refundable fare and called again. this time, I was told I could be rebooked on the direct flight at 8:15. keep calling as availability is dynamic

  5. This is a bit scary showing how fragile the system could be. Imagine if more stations would go down. Would cause a huge economy calamity. Should be an issue of national security that the military have a backup system in place to take over.

  6. Well my 11:10 am to ORD was cancelled and I was put on an 8:20 pm… that one now cancelled.
    I cant get to Chicago unitl 8 pm Saturday…. which means I missing the FTU. damn.

  7. I was on AA 1112 and 368 from SFO, through ORD, to LGA. Supposed to leave at 06:00 this morning. Got to the Admirals Lounge in SF at 5:15 for a quick coffee, overheard someone say “chicago flights cancelled, and got right in line at the desk (in the Lounge). The 3 people working the front desk went into over drive, rebooking everyone as quickly as possible. I was switchedto AA 24, now going nonstop from SFO to JFK on the new A321T, in business class. VERY nice experience. But it was the crew at the lounge (especially SALLY) who made a difference. I wrote a letter to American, saying what a gem she is; I hope it gets back to her (and she gets a raise!).

  8. I to was a part of this mess. Flights 1739 and 1217. Question. Being that this has nothing to do w/ inclement weather or act of God, is there reason for some type of compensation for someone whether they were 2 hrs late or 1 day? If so is there a time frame to inquire your respective airline about this? Ex: If you booked a flight to leave Mon and return Fri, when do you call them?

  9. I was scheduled on 9/26 to fly RDU-ORD-STL. AA rebooked me right away and got me to STL just an hour late through DCA. I was impressed by that. The text message the sent me to tell me about the rebooking made no sense however and I had to wait an hour to talk to someone to figure out the plan.

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