Lufthansa’s First Class Construction Duck!

Since I live in hotels full time I try to keep my material possessions to a minimum, since they weigh down my carry on, and that doesn’t help anyone.

There are two things I can’t help but collect (and then send to my parents’ home), though — Lufthansa first class ducks and Rimowa amenity kits.

ANA first class Rimowa amenity kit

The fun thing about Lufthansa’s first class ducks is that they often have “festive” ones — they had World Cup ducks, Oktoberfest ducks, Christmas ducks, etc. They have most of the ducks on display in a glass case at the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt.

Lufthansa first class ducks

Heck, when I go to Frankfurt I usually make a “duck” run. If I’m connecting I’ll stop by all the First Class Lounges to pick up a duck, and then head over to the First Class Terminal for another one.

The First Class Terminal is undergoing a mild renovation through November, so Lufthansa Flyer notes that Lufthansa is offering a special construction duck at the moment (here’s the picture he posted):


For the sake of the blog I really don’t want to fly Lufthansa first class again anytime soon (I’ve flown my fair share)… but who can say no to such a cute construction worker?!

Have you picked up your Lufthansa first class construction duck yet?Ā And if you have an extra one that’s looking for a good home, you know where to find me. šŸ˜‰


  1. Lucky, I was the guy who messaged u on Instagram ’bout Mr. Construction Duck. As of Sept 17th, the lady said I got the last one! (sure there must be additional batches arriving)

  2. I picked one up a couple weeks ago. When the shower area concierge apologized again for a bathtub not being available due to renovations I said, “no problem, I just wanted the duck anyways”. She quickly went to get one for me and asked me to put it in my bag because they didn’t have that many and wouldn’t have enough for everyone in the lounge.

  3. @ Mohammed — In theory they’re given to you when you shower/take a bath, though in practice you can just ask the attendant for one and they’ll give it to you.

  4. I wasn’t connecting and it turned out to be a little more difficult to track one down, but I was able to pull it off yesterday.

  5. @ Lucky — Have your parents converted your room into a Rubber Duck & Amenity Kit museum yet? I picked up an awesome Texas ranger-themed duck at a Westin in San Antonio last month (it was brand-free). Was a little cheaper than buying/redeeming LH F ticket šŸ˜€

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