Check Out This Crazy JetBlue Emergency Landing Video!

As many of you may have heard, a JetBlue plane bound for Austin made an emergency landing in Long Beach yesterday after one of the engines overheated and there was some smoke in the cabin. Four people were injured, though that was due to the evacuation and not the incident itself.

When you hear about emergency landings that end well it’s easy to think “oh, I’m sure it was no big deal.” But one of the cool things about social media (or really ridiculous things, at times), is that there’s a video of almost everything.

Check out this video a passenger took as the JetBlue plane was on approach:

All is well that ends well, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t scary…

(Tip of the hat to Steve)


  1. Lucky , you should change the title, i was expecting an actual LANDING, not them cruising around with masks on. how boring !

  2. I love the “no smoking” comment. “I know this flight is mid-emergency right now, but I feel like this is a good time to light up.”

  3. I guess another benefit of social media is we get to see examples of the idiots who will be in our way during a life and death emergency. I realize in this one that may have not been the case, but the fact the guy didn’t follow crew instructions and brace during the landing in order to keep his video rolling out the window demonstrates a complete lack of regard for himself and others.

  4. It’s amazing how little the general public knows about flying. For the pilots, this is about as routine as an usual situation gets on an airplane. It’s not a big deal, nothing bad is going to happen, and it’s a routine return to the airport that they’ve practiced thousands of times. It’s not life and death, folks. It’s also not amazing in any way besides the ridiculous hysteria.

    There’s many things that go wrong all the time without passengers necessarily knowing about them. Low fuel states, TCAS alerts, etc. Most people would freak out about those as well if they knew. Silly.

  5. @ “Mike Smith” since you seem to be such a know-it-all is the captain saying “easy victor” a cue to evacuate the plane?

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