Last Call: Register For Chase Freedom 3rd Quarter Bonuses

Just a quick reminder that today, Sunday, September 14th, is the final day to activate your 5% cash back bonus on the Chase Freedom® for the July through September period. Keep in mind while it’s the last day to register, you can continue to earn the 5% bonus on the third quarter categories through September 30, 2014.

Chase Freedom’s 5% cash back categories

What makes the Chase Freedom® so great is that each quarter they have a different category where you earn 5% cash back. You earn the 5% cash back on up to $1,500 of spend in the bonus categories each quarter. Below is the 5% calendar for 2014:


Register now for quarter three bonus category

Registration for this quarter’s 5% cash back category, is open through September 14, 2014.

As a reminder, the 5% cash back bonus categories at present are:

  • Gas stations
  • Kohl’s


Given that I live in hotels full time and don’t have a car, this hasn’t been the most lucrative quarter for me. A few rental cars and spending time with my parents in Florida has still only added up to a couple of hundred dollars in gas spend, so I’ll be picking up some gift cards to use throughout the rest of the year.

Anyway, if you haven’t done so yet make sure you activate the quarter three 5% Cash Back Bonus for the Chase Freedom® today!


  1. This quarter was very lame. I realize people with cars can max this out pretty easily (I assume) but two quarters with gas stations as the main draw has not been endearing this card to me this year!

  2. Now that my local 7-11 gas stations will no longer sell me GCs with a credit card, the Freedom is marginally useful to me most of the year. I suppose 5 URs points is better than 3 MR points from the Everyday Preferred card, but I just don’t spend that much on gas.

    However it is a no-fee card, and Amazon and department stores will be maxed out for Xmas gifts, so for that one quarter a year it’s worth keeping it.

    But cash back? No thanks, I’m taking the points instead.

  3. Chase and Bonuses in the same sentence. Anyone else snickered at the thought that this could be a bad Business Newspaper headline. 🙂

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