Amazon Payments Free $1,000 Transfer Ending

One of the easiest ways to generate credit card spend over the years has been using Amazon Payments. Amazon Payments let you send someone else $1,000 per month funded using a credit card. So while you’d pay a fee to use Paypal or another money sending service, the first $1,000 per month was free with Amazon Payments.

Why? Because they were trying to steal market share from Paypal and weren’t a big player in the market before. They figured it was a nice incentive for people to try Amazon Payments over Paypal, and I’m sure it generated a decent volume of transactions. Of course they weren’t exactly profitable, since it was the same people sending $1,000 payments funded by credit cards month after month. 😉

Today Amazon Payments sent out an email with the subject line “Amazon Payments: Annual Notice.” That seemed innocuous enough, as companies are constantly updating their policies and sending out notices.


But Gary points out one major thing they’ve buried in this announcement (bolding mine):

Additionally, we have updated the terms and conditions of our User Agreement ( that apply to your use of the products and services provided by Amazon Payments.  Our updated User Agreement revises certain terms (including, among other things, the elimination of person-to-person payments).  Our new User Agreement will become effective on October 13, 2014, which is more than 30 days from when we first posted our updated User Agreement.  By continuing to use our services after October 13, 2014, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of our new User Agreement.

So it looks like the ability to “generate” $1,000 in credit card spend with Amazon Payments will be going away as of October 13, 2014.

That means you still have the rest of this month to make one transaction, and then the first couple of weeks of next month to make another transaction.

Frankly I’m surprised it lasted this long…

Will you be earning 12,000 fewer points per year as a result of this change? 😉


  1. It seems when one door closes, another window opens for opportunities like this. I just started Serve loads so that will get me an easy 1K/month. I think Mid-October something will open up with Apple Pay. It may not last long, but it could be lucrative until a loophole is shut down.

  2. There will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth in The Points Ninja’s household. While this wasn’t particularly lucrative it was a wonderful way to do meet minimum spend for new cards. It was also the most psychically satisfying MS opportunity. Zero cost, minimum effort.

  3. I enjoyed this method until I got a call from someone at the Fraud Department at Amazon basically accusing me of money laundering.

    No matter how much I explained it was for points accrual the investigator did not believe me and felt that I was up to no good. He eventually closed me account and said that if I tried this type of thing again he would notify the authorities (I am honestly unsure if I actually committed any crimes) and left it at that.

    I of course did not attempt to use AMAZON to meet minimum spend anymore, but I guess I am not really missing out as AMAZON is ending this option to all people.


  4. Is there any kind of special process on this? I need to hit a minimum spend number and this is perfect, just want to make sure I send the money to someone in such a way that it doesn’t incur fees. Not sure if there’s a “right way” and a “wrong way” to pull this off.

  5. @Andrew Just make sure you click on “goods and services” not “cash advance”. Send exactly $1K per calendar month, and you should be fine. Don’t have them send money back to you thru AP, Amazon frowns on that. They will need to repay you with cash or check.

  6. @ Nathan – Apple Pay isn’t for person-to-person payments though, right? Would be interesting to see what happens but not holding my breath.

  7. so the extra padding on the mattress just got thinner…..I think I’ll still be able to sleep….just 8 hrs instead of the 9 hrs I was sleeping when it was available 🙂

  8. @nathan
    I just sign up for a serve card but I was charged cash advance fees. How do I avoid the cash advance fees? I use my capital one to load the serve card.


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