Bonus Avios For Subscription To The Economist

The Economist seems to frequently offer mileage bonuses for new paid subscriptions. For example, at the moment Lufthansa Miles & More is offering up to 10,000 miles for a $160 subscription to The Economist.

While not quite as lucrative, the Iberia Plus Avios program is also offering bonus points for new subscriptions to The Economist.


Iberia Plus is offering 6,000-8,000 Avios depending on the type of subscription you pick up:

  • Print + Digital Subscription = 8,000 Avios for $160 = 2.0 cents per Avios
  • Print Subscription = 6,000 Avios for $127 = ~2.1 cents per Avios
  • Digital Subscription = 6,000 Avios for $127 = ~2.1 cents per Avios


Keep in mind that you can transfer Avios between the Iberia Plus and British Airways Executive Club programs, so if you prefer these can turn into British Airways Avios.

I unfortunately don’t know when this offer expires, though presumably it’s limited time.

Bottom line

Two cents per point isn’t a rate at which I’d speculatively pick up Avios, but at the same time it’s cheaper than any other option available to outright purchase them. If you value a subscription to The Economist, then that makes the offer more compelling.

Ultimately I do value Miles & More miles more than Avios, so all else being equal Id o think it’s the better offer.

The catch is that Miles & More miles are also tough to come by. The Lufthansa version of this offer is useful for topping off an account so that you have enough miles for a redemption, but Avios are just so much more useful without an existing balance, given how many transfer partners they have. You can transfer points to British Airways Executive Club from American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and Starwood Preferred Guest.

Have either of these offers convinced you to pick up a copy of The Economist?

(Tip of the hat to LoyaltyLobby)


  1. Just FYI- Noticed that you can redeem only 1800 UA miles (through the miles for magazines link on their website) for an entire year subscription to the Economist! 1800 miles= 160 bucks….Way better!

  2. Jason – Does the united mileageplus miles redemption for the economist include digital subscription. I can’t confirm that it actually does. There is some verbiage that says you get “digital or print subscription based on what you have selected” but it gives me no option to select digital before checking out.

    Most of the time, these things don’t seem to include digital.

  3. @Ryan
    There are 2 different options on MagsForMiles, 1,800 for digital and 3,200 for print only. You can also select both for 5000.

  4. Lucky said “If you value a subscription to The Economist, then that makes the offer more compelling.”

    Absolutely, the Economist is a great newsmagazine! For me, I would view this as paying an incremental ~$50 over a (discounted) 1 year print subscription and receiving 6000 Avios miles, which is <1 cpm.

    However, does anyone know if this works for renewals? Usually they say new subscriptions only. I checked the link but did not see anything.

  5. often offers great discounts on The Economist, as low as $90.
    Shopping portals like United Mileage Plus Shopping portal offers up to 15 miles per dollar on during promotions, so it’s possible to bag good deals there as well.

    > does anyone know if this works for renewals?

    I’ve had success once during a similar deal; The Economist detected that my address was the same and extended my existing subscription by a year. Assuming this would work again, I used another deal the following year but this time I started receiving two copies for several weeks.

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