Targeted US Airways Triple Elite Miles Promotion

I don’t usually post about targeted promotions, since either you were targeted or not.

But my friend Ben forwarded me an extremely lucrative promotion he received from US Airways, which I have to at least mention.

Dividend Miles emailed select members and offered them triple Preferred Qualifying Miles over the next three months, through December 13, 2014. No registration is necessary, and the promotion is valid for travel on US Airways, US Airways Express, American, and American Eagle.


What are Ben’s flying patterns? He was Chairman’s Preferred (100,000+ miles) through their “Buy Up” program last year, Platinum (75,000+ miles) this year, and so far this year has credited fewer than 20,000 miles to his Dividend Miles account.

So it seems like they’re targeting passengers that they see flying US Airways less than before. It’s hardly surprising that they’re offering a bonus to try and get them to fly more (or in the case of Ben, to credit more miles to them, since he’s doing plenty of flying), but I think triple elite qualifying miles systemwide might just be the most generous bonus I’ve ever seen as far as elite status goes.

Has anyone been targeted for a similar promotion?

For anyone curious, the full terms of the promotion are as follows:

*Terms & conditions apply. No registration necessary, with an active Dividend Miles account. Triple Preferred-qualifying miles eligibility terms: Offer applies to flight miles or the 500 mile minimum earned per flight (if applicable) and does not apply to Preferred, Class of Service or any other miles earned through any other promotion. For every 1 flight mile earned, you will earn 2 additional miles with this promotion for a total of 3 Preferred-qualifying miles. Flights must be operated by US Airways, US Airways Express, American Airlines or American Eagle. Flights must be flown 9/4/2014 – 12/13/2014 and booked on a mileage-earning qualifying ticket. Any flights booked during but flown after the eligibility period do not qualify. Promotion miles will be awarded 1 – 2 weeks after original flight miles post.

Customer survey terms: Only the member with this registered email address and who received this email will qualify for miles. The survey must be completed by 10/4/2014 at 11:59 PM PST. Please allow 3 – 4 weeks after completing the survey for miles to post in your account. Only one grant of miles will be awarded per member. Miles do not count toward Preferred status. All Dividend Miles terms and conditions apply.

Subscription information: This is an advertisement. You have received this message because you are a valued Dividend Miles member. If you’d rather not receive survey request emails in the future, please unsubscribe. Allow up to five days for your name to be removed.


  1. Not targeted, though it would have been nice to be. Just started flying US this year (got Silver thru Trial Preferred thru 2/2015) and the bonus miles would help to keep Silver thru 2/2016.

  2. Unfortunately I haven’t seen this one. Wish I’d received it, since it’s quite the lucrative offer.

  3. They had this last year too — also sometime in September, I believe — again quite targeted. I’ve already hit CP for this year, but it’d be real nice if my fiancee (silver with a possibility of gold) could get this…but she’s probably not their target customer, given that before this year she’d never had status before.

  4. Actually I have been mostly crediting to American (and flying AA metal). I’m already booked to overshoot ExecPlat, which conveniently lets me credit the overflow to US Airways for a chance at Chairman’s also (and the lucrative RDM). So I’m guessing their systems aren’t talking together as well as we’d perhaps think… They seem to be analyzing me in isolation within US Airways.

  5. I was targeted for this promotion. I would be insane not to take a flight from lga to dfw to hkg for under $1000.00 right? Basically 18000 miles x 3 so 54,000 qualifying miles? I went from chairmain to gold now possibly nothing…

  6. I was targeted for this on November 15th and its good through February 18th. I reached gold status with U.S. Airways in 2013 and then started flying on United for most of 2014 for the Gold status match. The targeted offer is called, “We want you back” triple preferred dividend miles offer.

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