IHG Into The Nights Promo Launches Tomorrow

It looks IHG Rewards Club will be introducing their next global promotion tomorrow. It will be called Into The Nights, though in practice it looks very similar to The Big Win promotion they ran last year.

Last year’s The Big Win promotion

Here are all the details we have so far:

  • Current IHG® Rewards Club members and new members can register for the  “Into the Nights” hotel rewards promotion at www.ihg.com/freenights
  • Members will receive custom offers to earn bonus points or bonus miles such as: stay more and earn more or stay on the weekend
  • Stay period begins Sept. 4 and ends Dec. 31; members can stay to start earning
  • Members can track their offers and rewards via a customized Rewards Tracker at www.ihg.com/freenights

It’s interesting that the details of the promotion are being unveiled the same day the promotion starts.

Based on this promotion and the general landscape of the hotel industry, I have two thoughts:

Targeted promotions are the way of the future

As much as it (understandably) frustrates many, I do think targeted promotions will continue to get more popular going forward. The hotel industry is doing extremely well, so they want to reward people where they think they can increase revenue or stays, while doing what they can to not “give away” points to people they think will stay with them either.

That might not specifically be the case with this promotion (I hope it isn’t), but I think it’s no coincidence that they’re offering a “customized” promotion yet again.

Hotel promotions will continue to be less generous

Again, not referring specifically to this promotion, but given how well hotels are doing (despite airbnb and the like), I wouldn’t expect these bonuses to get any bigger over the years. Fall is typically a popular period for business travel, so in general this time of year it’s common to see promotions incentivizing weekend stays over weekdays stays. IHG Rewards Club doesn’t usually run such promotions, but other chains do.

Bottom line

I’m curious to see what the promotion looks like, and almost tempted to start staying at IHG properties again given that they now have published qualification criteria for Royal Ambassador.

Any predictions?


  1. I’m going to pass on this one. The last two Big Wins promotions had IT glitches which made it difficult to collect the points owed. Hyatt has the best promotion going for this fall in my opinion.

  2. Must admit I probably won’t even take Priority Club properties into account anymore when I am booking. The last 2 big win promos I received were so lame I didn’t put one stay their way. I’m hoping SPG comes up with something decent as I expect to have at least 15 nights with them in November so need to be able to top up my account somehow.

  3. Hmm… Can everyone see this promo? I followed the link but it brought me to a regular special offers page which doesn’t have any mention of Into the Nights.

  4. I’m with Vicky on this. Their last 2 promos have actually caused me to give them less business, not more, because they weren’t willing to offer me reasonable goals. I haven’t paid to stay at an IHG property in over a year.

  5. Looks like more of the same this time, it let me register but now gives me an error when trying to login and see my offers.

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