$1,600 Business Class Fares From West Coast To Europe!

Per this FyerTalk thread, there seems to be a pretty good fare war going on between oneworld and SkyTeam for travel between the west coast and Europe.

SkyTeam seems to be publishing good business class fares to oneworld hubs, while oneworld seems to be publishing good fares to SkyTeam hubs.


For example, oneworld airlines have ~$2,000 business class fares between Los Angeles and Rome, which is a great fare to begin with. This seems to be valid for travel on American, British Airways, Iberia, and US Airways.


However, it gets much better than that. I recently wrote about how AARP members can receive $400 off business class tickets booked through British Airways (anyone can join, and it costs just $16). The best thing is that this is valid on codeshare flights as well, so you can take advantage of this fare for travel on most oneworld carriers operating transatlantic flights as long as you book through the AARP link.

That potentially brings down the cost to a roundtrip business class ticket between Los Angeles and Rome to ~$1,600.



Keep in mind that British Airways actually lets you use Avios to upgrade to first class at a very reasonable cost, though there does need to be award space in order to be able to upgrade.

These business class fares seem to be valid through next summer, so that’s potentially an amazing deal for business class summertime travel. However, the $400 discount for booking tickets through British Airways is only valid for outbound travel through March 31, 2015.

This is available to and from quite a few markets, though I’m on a plane right now and can’t easily search all of them. I do also see the fare available from Seattle. I’m sure it’s available from other cities in the US, and also to other cities in Europe. I figured it was better posting about it now, as I’m sure this fare won’t last.

Hopefully some of you can take advantage of this! I’m certainly tempted, as a way to requalify for status and collect miles with either American or Alaska.


  1. To answer my own question…it looks like these fares are also available from the east coast. But ITA is having a lot of glitches at the moment. However Washington-Rome is showing up as $1850-ish in business class.

    What are some other SkyTeam hubs? AMS? CDG?

  2. @Ben — When credited to US, I know that a business class flight BOTH marketed and operated by BA earns 125% EQM. What about a business class flight marketed by BA but operated by AA — 125% or 150%?

    Can you wait list an upgrade from business to first using Avios?

  3. @Ben — Oh, and another question — if you use Avios to upgrade J to F, can you still credit your flights to US (or AA)?

  4. Looks like the deal is gone now. I wasn’t quite ready to book and then when I finally was the fare was back up to regular levels. I guess “you snooze, you lose”! I was set to go to Italy. I should have just booked it because on the US website the cheap fare was in the refundable bucket.

  5. For any BA Golds out there, fares are the same originating from LAS, and LAS-LHR is operated by an old-config 747-400 at certain times of the year, so you can select F seats on these J fares.

  6. Lucky, a little off subject but have you heard of Baltia Airlines which is the US’s newest airline set to fly between NYC and St. Petersburg, Russia. They have a single 747-200, care to review? lol

  7. True on Madrid. Just put a BWI-MAD on hold via KLM’s website. For $20 I could put it on hold for a week so I have some time to decide.

  8. All I’ve found from SFO <$2K is Aer Lingus flights. The SFO-DUB leg is first class on a A319 or A320. How is that hard product?

  9. @ Kara — I would probably do BA, simply for the ability to upgrade to first class. Otherwise would consider American’s new business class connecting in London.

  10. Deal’s gone now, FYI. It was good as of a couple hours ago — which is great, because that’s when I paid $20 to hold my itinerary on KLM.com for a week. (LAX-MAD on Air France and KLM business class for under $2000 roundtrip!)

  11. It’s back again on SkyTeam. Apparently they refiled the low fares today, but so far OW isn’t matching. Certainly much more limited availability now than before as well.

    I still have my MAD itin on hold at KLM.com until Wednesday, but I’ll certainly keep an eye out to see if OW comes back.

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