Incredibly Cheap Malaysia Airlines Fares!

Malaysia Airlines has some crazy low fares at the moment. At first I assumed they were mistake fares, but given their current situation I actually don’t think they are.

There have been many articles the past few days about how Malaysia Airlines flights are going out almost completely empty, and that Malaysia Airlines is losing roughly 1.6 million dollars per day. So that makes me believe that these fares are just a way to get people back on their planes.


Most of the low fares have been found for travel originating in Singapore, as discussed in this FlyerTalk thread. I’m sure there are plenty of other origins and city pairs out there, but just in case they do decide to pull the fare, I think it’s worth posting about sooner rather than later. Another reason I don’t think these are mistake fares is because the cheap fares show up as “economy promo” awards, so they’re at least correctly categorized as such.

For example, they have 35SGD roundtrip base fares between Singapore and Perth, which come out to ~$150USD including tax.



Fares to Paris are also incredibly cheap, with base fares of 240SGD roundtrip.


For flights within Asia, they have 5SGD roundtrip base fares.


The best place to search and book these fares is directly on Malaysia Airlines’ website.

Personally I’d have no qualms flying Malaysia Airlines again. If anything I’d actually go out of my way to fly them, because they’ve been dealt a really difficult “hand” this year. That being said, even for next to nothing, I’m not really interested in economy mistake fares.

But hopefully someone can take advantage of these, given that these fares are eligible for (at least partial) mileage accrual in some programs.

So what’s your bet — is this a mistake fare or promo fare? Would you be willing to fly Malaysia Airlines after what has happened to them the past several months?


  1. That is a great deal for economy! The economy promos ticket to the O fare bucket, which means you’d get 0 miles on aadvantage but you do earn 50% miles on MH Enrich program.

  2. A lot of those prices double when you get to the confirmation page. SIN-BNE still work in Orbitz. Please note that is this books in O, no credit to AA. V only credits 50%…..just in case…

  3. Even though the fares show up, the final price always changes to something $100-$200 more, even before taxes and fees, It is very deceptive

  4. I think it’s gone now, I was trying to book a SIN-CMB and the fare jumped when I clicked through to put payment details in.

  5. Their LCC competitor. AirAsia , also has big sale now if booked before Aug 31, for travel now through Feb 28, 2015.

  6. Currently has Surcharges from CDG to KUL and SIN which make the fares around $900 return economy – obviously not a bargain. I think it is dead on these routes

  7. As others have commented it turns out to be a bit of a con. The fares on the search results page are very cheap but as soon as you try and book it says ‘the fare has changed’. On the various routes I tested the price pretty much doubled from the original quote in every case. Not sure what they’re trying to achieve with this except to end up with a lot of frustrated ‘almost customers’.

  8. I’m expecting they would do dirt-cheap prices(and perhaps wide-open award availability) to get customers back, so this isn’t surprising. But as others have mentioned can’t figure out what they are trying to do with a cheap yet not bookable fare.

  9. On 1st Sept, I managed to book 3 roundtrip bookings (SIN-BKK, SIN-MNL, SIN-HAN) for SGD69.72, 24.95, 45.83 respectively.

    Tried it again this morning and price went up as all of you mentioned

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