La Compagnie Business Class Fare Sale Ending Soon

I’ve had my fair share of fun with La Compagnie, the new all business class start up between Paris and Newark. I flew one of their first flights from Paris to Newark, and had an interesting flight, to put it mildly.


After the flight I had the opportunity to speak with La Compagnie’s Deputy CEO, who provided some interesting insight on their business plan and operations.

Anyway, my conclusion was that they don’t really offer a competitive business class product, though they offer a heck of a value based on their current prices. I paid 500EUR for my one-way ticket, which is less than any other airline was even charging for economy. Of course they’ll never turn a profit filling seats at those prices, but from our perspective as consumers it’s a heck of a deal.

The best deal of all is the introductory offer they’ve had, offering two roundtrip tickets for $2,014, including all taxes and fees.


~$1,000 per person between New York and Paris is cheap in economy, let alone in business class. Anyway, I think it’s worth noting that this fare is only available for a couple more days. The fare is bookable through August 30, 2014, for travel through September 15, 2014.


The fare is widely available, so if you’d like to pick up a couple of business class tickets to Paris for ~$1,000 per person over the coming weeks, this is a deal that’s really tough to beat.

Just come in with the right expectations and you’ll get an amazing value.


In terms of fares beyond the introductory promotional offer, I’m seeing fares of under $1,500 per person roundtrip. That’s still a good deal, in my opinion.


I’ve never actually questioned the value the airline offers for what they’re charging right now. I’ve only questioned their business model as such and their business class product compared to those offered by other airlines. Though as of now they’re continuing to undercut on price… by a lot.

Is anyone planning on hopping on one of these fares and trying La Compagnie?


  1. The demise is coming sooner than expected. Honestly, I was disappointed there were no fax machines on board. If there is one thing that the valued customers of juicy couture want, it is the ability to fax all of their important documents on board, especially since they didn’t have time on the ground because, of course, they only checked in 20 minutes before departure. I expected that once the flight attendant seatbelt sign has been turned off, they could do that for me. Of course, it was so cruelly denied from me. I had the weirdest suspicion that the closets had the fax machines in them, they just weren’t letting me use them because, of course, the flight attendant seat belt sign was off and had to remain seated.

  2. I’m flying soon for a quick trip. Do you need a second opinion to see if they understand where to hang a jacket? J/K It appears to be a great value regardless.

  3. I flew La Compagnie round trip to New York last week. Considering I paid the promotion fare of €1000, I think it had great value for money (i actually would use them again if their non promo price is $1500 RT). The outbound flight was all right but we (I was travelling with 2 friends) all had issues with the seat (but since we were only 24 pax we were able to switch). Service was ok but clearly not at the level of a regular business class. The best part of the flight was actually being out of Newark just 15mn after landing.

    But my return flight last saturday was really good, I was initially a little afraid as the flight was almost full (60 pax if I’m not mistaken) for only 3 FA. I was seated in row 2 (which is actually the first row on the left side) and I think I was the only passenger traveling alone. I do not know if this is related to that but I had a really good service from the main FA: she came back a few times to check that everything was ok and continuously topped up my champagne glass (she even encouraged me to have some more when i told her i’d stop for tonight). She made my flight by being so nice and attentive despite the amount of work she had. Once I managed to get the seat “flat” (given the crappy seat they use I think it took me 15m), I even managed to sleep.
    All in all I had a good experience and was really happy with my flights given the price I paid of course (I would not pay more than 1500€ for this product) but this is really unacceptable to have at least half of the seats broken only 2 weeks after the airline’s first flights.

    A few tips for future flyers:
    – Don’t bother with the lounges (they’re both bad even if EWR is a bit better than CDG, which is probably the worst lounge I’ve ever visited)
    – Don’t bother with the breakfast on the EWR-CDG flight, it’s bad (unless you like soggy waffles and eggs) and you’re better of sleeping
    – I would not choose the bulkheads (1D/1F/2A/2C) as you get smaller tablets (even if I didn’t use the tablet given the very short list of movies available)

    I certainly hope they don’t go bankrupt too soon but I don’t see how they could avoid it as no one would pay more than 1500€ for those malfunctionning seats

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