Lufthansa Ice Bucket Challenge And India Commercial

Lufthansa has uploaded a couple of cool videos lately that I figured would be worth sharing.

The first is of a Lufthansa MD-11 captain doing the ice bucket challenge. Pretty hilarious, though I’m kind of shocked he didn’t even take his badge off while getting drenched:

The second is a commercial for the Indian market, with the tagline “More Indian than you think:”

Obviously there’s lots of competition for the India market, and I think British Airways has run a heck of an ad campaign trying to emotionally appeal to Indian passengers with their “Visit Mum” campaign:

The Lufthansa campaign is obviously much more lighthearted, though I think actually quite effective as well. It doesn’t have the emotional appeal of the British Airways campaign, but for a 45 second ad it’s pretty memorable.

Love it? Hate it? Meh?

(Tip of the hat to Luke)


  1. Lucky, as an avid Lufthansa lover, what’s your opinion of their “Indian” positioning? 😉 Here’s hoping it doesn’t take away the german efficiency.

  2. With regards to the LH video, I’m sure HEAABAKATC won’t be happy to see EY’s successful photobombing!

  3. I dont think Shlappig will do the challenge. His ego is far too big for this plus as he has shown before he does not support charities by donating or doing things that people otherwise do even if not donating….

  4. We have a serious drought in California with economic and job impacts so the ice bucket challenge doesn’t have much appeal……..

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