Qatar Airways A380 London Heathrow Inaugural Delayed Further

If you’ve been following the drama you know that Airbus and Qatar Airways are at an impasse over the delivery of their Airbus A380s.

HEAABAKATC (His Excellency Akbar Al Bakar aka The Chief — how do you like them acronym?) wants us all to know that it’s Airbus’ fault, because they… well, he won’t tell us what they actually did. We should ask Airbus. But if Airbus lies to us, then he’ll tell us why. Rumor has it there are some “imperfections” with the interior, though there has to be more to the story, since that wouldn’t take nearly half a year to fix.


Anyway, so far the inaugural Qatar Airways A380 flight between Doha and London has been pushed back more often than a regional jet flying out of JFK during a snowstorm. Here’s a rundown of the scheduling disaster so far:

Last we heard, A380 service to London Heathrow was delayed through October 1, 2014.

Via, it looks like Qatar Airways has now pushed back the A380 inaugural flight to London Heathrow until October 10, 2014. As of October 10, 2014, the following daily frequency is showing an A380:

QR003 Doha to London departing 7:55AM arriving 1:15PM
QR004 London to Doha departing 3:05PM arriving 11:50PM

In and of itself that schedule adjustment isn’t significant, though I suppose it is nice that they’re announcing a delay further in advance. Beyond that, a 10 day delay seems oddly specific.

Their QR39/40 service between Doha and Paris continues to show an A380 as of October 16, 2014, though they’re not displaying any first class inventory through October 31, 2014.

Maybe it’s time we take an over/under on when The Chief actually gets his A380s?


  1. 3rd time i have to cancel my F-booking for the inaugural flight. That’s it then… Probably HE wants to take delivery of his A380 and A350 the same day. Or rebuild the F to match the EY Residence,.. or…

  2. Isn’t he getting 4 A380s as well? I know the 1st one is going to LHR and the 2nd one is going to CDG. Do we know yet where the 3rd destination will be?

  3. I think you will find the replacement for the QR4 is an A340 600 not a 777ER. I will be on it on Sunday and am very disappointed it is not the A380.

  4. Posters on (so grain of salt, but I generally consider these users to be reliable), are reporting that there were issues with carpet installation and that it’s having to be relaid, hence the delay.

  5. LUCKY! This would be such a hilariously awesome miles giveaway opportunity. Can we pick dates and whoever comes closest without going over wins like 30,000 miles from the program of your choosing?

  6. @ Reine — Hah, that’s an interesting idea. So whoever gets closest to guessing date? Only issue is that there will be lots more entries than dates, so there has to be some other tiebreaker.

  7. Oh yeah…maybe they have to be the one to guess the exact date, then if you’re forced to do a tiebreak, you can award the prize to the finalist who comes up with the best Al Bakar theme? Lol

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