Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Outage Is Over

Last Thursday I wrote about the four day Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan outage. Through August 18, most Mileage Plan functions weren’t possible, aside from at the airport. Here’s part of the notice they posted on their website:

Scheduled Mileage Plan™ Outage: August 14-18, 2014

The Mileage Plan™ system is undergoing scheduled maintenance and will be unavailable through August 18, 2014. During this period, Mileage Plan™ members will be unable to access their Mileage Plan™ accounts either online or via Reservations/Customer Care, and have limited access to their My Account profiles.

The lack of communication on this really disappointed me, at least compared to how good Alaska usually is with this kind of stuff. Apparently they mentioned the outage at the bottom of their Alaska Airlines Insider newsletter, though I’m not subscribed to that. And for that matter I really don’t think you should have to be subscribed to a promotional newsletter to find out if a frequent flyer program will be down for four days.

Anyway, the reason for this post is to report good news — while the outage was supposed to last through August 18 (presumably including today), it looks like it’s done and Mileage Plan accounts can once again be accessed.

For better or for worse, everything looks as it did before. Ultimately Alaska Mileage Plan has quite a few “sweet spots” so I’m happy seeing them not change. Clearly this was just them updating their systems on the back end, and not “enhancing” them. 😉

Unfortunately the online award booking functionality remains the same — Alaska Mileage Plan members still only have access to a subset of Emirates award space, even though Alaska has insisted this is a glitch. Typically Alaska has access to one fewer first class award seat than Emirates Skywards members have directly, which is unfortunate since Emirates is quite stingy nowadays and often only releases one first class award seat.


So if you’ve been waiting to book a Mileage Plan award ticket or service anything else in regards to your account, you should be good to go now!


  1. @ Stephen — The newsworthy event is that the outage is over, since I know a lot of people were hoping to book award tickets. “They didn’t devalue” was just side note.

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