British Airways Introduces Paws And Relax IFE

I tend to be pretty critical of British Airways. For example, their recent introduction of a “gourmet burger” in first class just seemed silly to me. Then they introduced a seven hour train journey to their IFE. Seriously?

But here’s an idea that’s truly brilliant:

That’s right, pretty soon you can watch nothing but cute animals on your IFE! Given how lackluster British Airways’ IFE is otherwise, I know what I’ll be watching on my next British Airways flight!

I mean, on my last Swiss flight they had a TV show called “The Secret Life Of Dogs” in their IFE system, and it was probably the awesomest thing I’ve ever seen on a plane other than the One Direction movie.


That level of cuteness amplified might be more than I can handle.

So who’s excited?!

(Tip of the hat to Andreas)


  1. Aw, now I’m disappointed. I thought I would have the option of playing with one of the kittens or puppies. I suppose this is like Cute Overload on a Plane.

  2. United already added interaction with dogs years ago. Oh…what’s that…yeah. Oh sorry that was just many of the FA’s on many of the flights I’ve been on. Sorry. My mistake.

    I could be crazy but didn’t I see where an airport someplace was using dogs around the terminal to comfort passengers or something. Any no I don’t mean the TSA and DEA dogs. Seriously. I could be crazy.

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