Free Heathrow Express Upgrade

The Heathrow Express is presently offering British Airways Executive Club members a complimentary upgrade from Express to Business First. In order to qualify you must make your booking by August 31, 2014, for travel within three months of the purchase date.


When you follow the promotion page you’ll see that the fare is the same for Express as for Business First, so just select the latter and you’ll be confirmed in Business First.

Promotional Heathrow Express Business First cost

For what it’s worth, the price premium for Business First is usually 8GBP one-way, or 18GPB roundtrip.

Regular Heathrow Express Business First cost

Now, it’s certainly not worth:

  • Paying extra for Business First over Express on the Heathrow Express
  • Going out of your way to take the Heathrow Express just because of a “free” upgrade

It’s a 15 minute ride and Business First is slightly more comfortable, though there’s no chateaubriand service, so temper your expectations accordingly.

Heathrow Express Business First

For that matter I don’t actually find the Heathrow Express all that useful for my needs. Rarely do I stay near Paddington Station when in London, so then it’s still a tube ride to my hotel at best. At that point you might as well just take the tube all the way from the airport, which is much cheaper. Also, given how expensive the Heathrow Express is, by the time there are two or more people traveling, it’s just about the same price to grab an Uber.

Paddington station

But hey, if you were going to take the Heathrow Express anyway, might as well “upgrade” for free. Don’t forget to add your Executive Club number when making a booking, as you earn 100 Avios one-way for Express, and 200 Avios one way for Business First. Every mile (or in this case, Avios) counts!


(Tip of the hat to Miles from Blighty)


  1. The links you provide go directly to the Heathrow Express website and not through the BA website that has the correct codes in the URL to give you this deal. At least in Chrome, you must use the link to the BA website on Blighty’s site to generate the link you posted. The link itself is not valid without being referred from the BA site.

  2. For the late red eyes arriving midmorning, central London is a brutal 3 hour slog by car. Heathrow express is 15 minutes and then a 30 minute cab ride max.

  3. Price isn’t the only factor – HEx is so much quicker than going by car. A couple of years ago I spent 2.5 hours in a car going to LHR from central London. 30 minutes to Paddington by cab and then 15 minutes by train is far preferable.

  4. Never never never do a taxi from Heathrow if you can avoid it. Even on off peak hours you will face up to sixty quid just heading to west-central LDN. Use HEX or buses or über.

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