Go Surfing At Munich Airport!

To be honest, I was content calling Munich Airport pretty damn cool after they produced this video:

However, through August 24 they’ll have a Hawaiian-themed standing wave pool whereby you can surf for free. How cool — and not really German — is that?!

Via Munich Airport’s website:

After scoring a huge hit in the past three summers with surfing fans, airport staff, passengers and visitors, the 2014 edition of Munich Airport’s surfing extravaganza is now underway – just in time for the start of the Bavarian school holidays. The “Surf & Style” event will bring a Hawaiian vibe to the Munich Airport Center (MAC) until August 24. In the 200 square meter surfing basin, powerful pumps push up the water to form a 1.5-meter high standing wave across a 10-meter width.

The facility is open daily free of charge 3:00 until 8:15 p.m. to everyone who wants to give it a try. Groups of up to 10 persons at a time are admitted in 45-minute time windows. Children must be at least eight years of age to take part. Twice a day, from 3:00 to 3:45 and again from 6:00 to 6:45, beginners slots will be offered with a support bar in place. Professional surfing instructors will be on hand during the free sessions to watch and offer tips as needed. All of the necessary equipment such as boards, wetsuits, etc. can be borrowed free of charge.

Photo courtesy of Kempinski

It seems like this will be in the outside courtyard area just next to the Kempinski Airport Hotel (soon to be rebranded as a Hilton).

Has anyone given this a try yet, either this year or in the past few years, since this seems to be an annual thing?

Here’s a video of the setup from a couple of years ago:

Very cool!

(Tip of the hat to @AViewForMiles)


  1. Lucky,
    Was just there over the weekend. It was very popular. You could buy a drink and watch all the action. Lots of kids and local families were there. I have seen the same set up on Royal Caribbean ships but this one was larger and elevated two stories. Sits right in courtyard in front of the McDonalds and the mall/train station.

  2. Plucky, you mentioned “Not really German…” but two years ago my wife and I were walking in Munich and saw a gentleman riding a bike and carrying a surfboard. We shrugged it off as odd…then 10 minutes later walked by the Englischer Garten and saw people surfing! Apparently one of the streams has a standing wave which is surfable. So maybe more German than you thought?!? 🙂

    Peace out.

  3. As Bobby H mentions, it’s actually possible to go surfing in Munich, basically year round. And the so called “Eisbachwelle” even mentions the wave at MUC on “their” homepage http://www.eisbachwelle.de (yes, although all the navigation is labeled in English, the homepage seems to be in German only, unfortunately).

  4. Thanks for the HT – first thing I thought was ‘too bad they are taking it down before Oktoberfest!’ That could have been wildly entertaining. Then again, that might be exactly why they are taking it down before Oktoberfest…

  5. Wow! Really cool airport! I wish all the airports we travel form and too were at least half as cool as Munich. Plus I think that an easy step of adding free Wi-Fi for all tourists will make nearly any airport cool (doesn’t substitute the furniture though)

  6. I used to travel to Munich fairly often. They seem to frequently have something setup in the courtyard between the terminals depending on the season. In the summer it could be a surfing wave or beach volleyball; in the winter possibly an ice skating rink and of course a Christkindl market. I have tried the surf wave at a hotel/waterpark located just outside Munich in a spa town called Bad Tölz. We had a business meeting there and it was a fun perk of the trip! If anyone is interested, here’s the info: http://www.jodquellenhof.com/en/alpamare-beauty-spa/alpamare.html

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