American First Class Award Space WIDE OPEN June 30, 2015

Earlier I wrote about how American had excellent first class award availability to London on June 30, 2015.

I figured I’d post a quick update that it appears this isn’t limited to London. I’m seeing amazing first class award availability on all of American’s longhaul flights on June 30, 2015, both to and from the US. It seems like on many routes every single first class seat is available for a saver award.

This applies to flights from Europe:


And flights to Europe:


And flights to South America:




And even flights to Asia:




As a reminder, if you have the option you’ll definitely want to book the 777-300ER over the 777-200, as it features American’s new first class product. It’s only available to/from Hong Kong, London, and Sao Paulo, though.

American 777-300ER first class

American 777-200 first class

Regardless, it’s tough to beat this quantity of seats if you’re a family looking at traveling next summer. And given American’s reasonable redemption rates and lack of fuel surcharges, there’s the potential for some great redemptions here.

Book now, this won’t last!


  1. so like they took away all other availability but figured they would throw us this one day as a bone… what’s up with that? basically, mileage collectors, you can travel on this day only! LOL

  2. @ Lantean — It definitely is odd, and this is the second year they’ve done it, so I’m guessing it’s a glitch of some sort.

  3. I noticed good availability on June 23, 2015 as well (via the Alaska Airlines site, I don’t have many AA miles). Is 62,500 Alaska miles + $18 a good deal for First on the NYC-LHR route? I need to go to Wimbledwon again next year…

  4. Also, what lounge access would I have on an AA award ticket both at destination and origin (assuming no OneWorld status)? Do I have access to BA lounges?

  5. Bet you can’t get many domestic connections. My experience from just a few weeks ago was that IB flights were open in Biz (except for LAX) but no domestic Aa flights from LAX to gateway were.

    Delta is better to Europe from LAX!

  6. @ Anthony — If it’s a trip you need to take then yet I’d say it’s a good deal. If you just wanted to take a trip based around the best products you could definitely get better bang for your buck (like Cathay Pacific first class), but that’s tough to beat for NYC to LON in terms of value.

    You’d have access to the American Flagship Lounge at JFK and American Arrivals Lounge at LHR. Can’t use the BA lounges since they’re in different terminals.

  7. AA did the same thing last year. You could fly US to LHR FC on any day you wanted, as long as that day was July 1st, 2014. Every single seat was available at the Saver rate, from every city they flew to London from, but only on that one day. So guess what, we went on July 1st. Not my favorite time to go, Europe is so hot and crowded in July, but at 62,500 miles vs 175,000 each, we really didn’t think twice.

    And yes, I just booked us FC DFW to FRA on June 30th next year. At a savings of 225K miles it was too good to pass up.

  8. @Robert Hanson, yea last year I had reserved 3 F seats LAX-MIA-LON-BRU but ended up letting them go and went United business LAX-ORD-BRU. This year I have LAX-DFW-LHR and kind of regret not going on the PS LAX-JFK-LHR but I the connection time was like 40 minutes and that is too close for me to any New York airport…So I am “stuck” on a 777-200 in F for 3 of us…boo woo…

    Hopefully Star alliance has the same or better availability as last year this summer, but it does not look like it…I have my “plan” to get the 3 of us back from Europe in premium together…I will let you know my trick after I book in the next week or two…

  9. Lucky:

    I notice you frequently access the above inventory on flights, but I don’t know what app or system you use to find it. I’m a super frequent traveler, but I usually check the individual airline’s site or call them for help. Can you tell me how to look up the inventory like you do?



  10. If using US Airways miles, will you be charged the round-trip miles or can you book one-way award redemptions?

  11. Lucky, even though we found the award seat availability in FC by using expertflyer, can we also book it directly through it? Or we still need to go to airline’s website or call to make the booking?


  12. @ David — You have to book directly through American. You should be able to book on, though.

  13. Parents picked up a couple in Z. Thanks for the heads up! Now if only I could get their retiree-like wide open schedule!

  14. Thanks for posting about this, Lucky. I am so excited to be able to try out AA’s new 77W First product on a 15 hour flight. Hopefully there aren’t any surely flight attendants that make me regret not taking Cathay.

  15. @ Tony — It could be that most of the seats are gone by now. ExpertFlyer won’t show anything that isn’t readily available on

  16. Lucky,

    I never fly in FC so I am excited to try this! Just wondering, When I fly in FC, can I access all the lounges available with other airlines as long as they are in same alliance (oneworld or staralliance)? For example, I often read blogger fly by AA but can access JAL or Cathay lounge….

  17. @ Amanda — There are a few exceptions (like the Lufthansa First Class Terminal or British Airways Concorde room which are just for first class passengers on those airlines), but for the most part you sure can!

  18. Thanks Lucky! by the way what is the best and efficient way to get into Grand Cayman (GCM) from SFO? I live in SFO and would like to go on my first trip using points and miles to GCM~ I have AA miles(40k), UR points(80k), US Airways miles (40k) , Starpoints (25k).

  19. @ Amanda — Probably American and US Airways miles would be roughly equal value in this case. Can’t go wrong either way.

  20. The return trick I mentioned was using Alaska miles (62.5) for a nonstop CDG-LAX in business (A380 but slanted flat) for $156.30 fees each, but if you add and come back from Florence Italy your fees call to $96 or so…I believe the availability for 2 or 3 exists because Flying blue members can only access 10 months out compared to Alaska’s 11 months out

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