10 Free Uber Rides In Tijuana

Uber is expanding like crazy globally… including to Tijuana!


Not only are they expanding to Tijuana, but they’re offering Uber customers 10 free rides each through August 15, 2014:

The safe and reliable transportation option that you know and love has arrived in Tijuana! The official launch is upon us, so we’d like to celebrate Uber’s presence in TJ with FREE rides. Yes, that’s right. FREE rides in Tijuana! From Avenida Revolución to the Playas de Tijuana, Uber can help you travel with comfort and ease.Ready to take a south-of-the-border vacation? Plan your trip before August 15th and check out the details below to learn how you can ride for free.
  • Once you’ve crossed the border, open your Uber app.
  • Request a ride and explore the city in style.
  • No need to enter a code. The promotion will automatically apply to new and existing users, so be sure to share the #UberTJ love with all your friends.
  • Free rides end at 6 AM on Friday, August 15th.
  • Maximum of 10 FREE rides per user, up to $200 MXN per ride.
  • Valid only in Tijuana. See coverage map here.

I’ve seen them offer plenty of promotions over the years when they expand to new cities, but never 10 free rides, especially without a promotion code.

Is it time to plan a vacation to Tijuana over the coming weeks? 😉


  1. Hey Ben,

    Might be a little offtopic but-

    Do you know anything about Lyft?

    They just started in NYC and told me I get “50 free rides.” I’m just assuming it’s untrue, I rarely take cabs here anyway.

  2. @ Justin — I’ve heard of them, but can’t say I’ve used them. The whole “fist pumping” and sitting in the front seat thing is a bit much for me.

  3. I don’t care how reputable Uber is, that sounds like a solid way to get kidnapped in Mexico.

  4. Uber launched in Colombia secretly. There was never a launch. It simply started to work… and it was free for weeks. So I used Uber for free for about 2 weeks 🙂

    Lyft launched in Austin a month or so ago. I also got “50 free rides” and it was true. The fist pumping is very cheesy, but not all drivers do that.

  5. New York Lyft free rides is true. 50 free rides up to $25 each. The only problem is that there are very few Lyft drivers so it is hard to find one. They are also charging 75% tip to encourage the drivers, so a free $25 ride is about equal to a $15 cab ride. I took a ride on Saturday in a Lyft one way and a cab on the way back. The Lyft cost $29 ($4 out of pocket for me) and the cab cost $17 on the way back. Good deal for the next two weeks if you can actually find a Lyft.

  6. I’ve used lyft dozens of times and I never sat in the front seat. I fist bumped once because the guy wouldn’t start the trip before I did it – the driver got a 1-star review as a result.

  7. Time for the AM TIJ-NRT 787 trip report we’ve all been clamoring for!

    Especially want to see the photos of the trolley from SD to San Ysidro, the border crossing on foot and the Uber to TIJ.

    Come on Ben time to burn those Skypesos and live a little. Anyone can take photos of the LH F Terminal – that’s old hat at this point. Time to man up and take on Tijuana!

  8. While I agree with Mac totally on the above, it also raises a larger question, Lucky. What do you see for the blog’s future? Do you plan to explore the more off-the-beaten-path air travel experiences out there, i.e. smaller carriers, further flung destinations and hotels? I think we’d all like to see those airlines that we’ll probably never get to fly. Just stay safe and keep the trip reports coming!

  9. @ pavel — That’s the goal. Fewer repetitive products, more unique airlines, products, and hotels. I’m serious about wanting to try the likes of Kuwait Airways, Saudia, etc.

  10. The AM 787 TIJ-NRT is about to go away. The flight originates in MEX (MEX-TIJ-NRT) but TIJ will be undergoing runway maintenance during Fall and Spring so the NRT flight has been re-routed via MTY (Monterrey Mexico) (MEX-MTY-NRT) for the fall.

    The flight is not coming back as AM will receive updated 787’s capable of doing MEX-NRT non-stop from Summer ’15 on-ward.

    As a Bay Area resident but TIJ/SAN native, I’ll miss the randomness of the TIJ-NRT flight. Friends and family took it; departure at 3:00 AM is terrible.

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