Kimpton Karma Rewards Secret Password

Kimpton is one of the quirkier hotel chains out there, almost entirely in a good way. They just rebranded their loyalty program from Kimpton InTouch to Kimpton Karma Rewards, and all things considered there aren’t that many changes, though they’ve made the program a lot more complicated.

One thing they’ve long offered — and continued to offer — is a secret password. When you mention the secret password at check-in you’ll get an extra perk, which can range from free parking to free drinks to some other gifts.

It’s a cute idea, in my opinion, though go figure for my one Kimpton stay at Hotel La Jolla earlier in the year, I totally forgot to mention it. Grrr!

Anyway, via Kimpton’s Facebook page, it looks like their secret password through September 29, 2014, is Summer of Karma:

It’s back! The secret social password is alive and well today through Sept. 29th. Just say “Summer of Karma” at check-in and receive a special surprise from the hotel.

Where will you use the secret word first?


Have you used Kimpton’s secret password lately? If so, what extra perk did you get?


  1. Now how long until they are offering “romantic” breaks where the secret password treat is a karma sutra. I can’t be the only one thinking this?

  2. Shame that Ben, as a gay man, made no mention of a hotel chain’s awesome use of a picture of a same-sex couple for a non-LGBT-specific hotel promotion.

  3. @John;

    I see it as a shame when someone thinks someone else “should” be doing something or not doing something specifically because of their orientation. It’s fine if he wants to, fine if he doesn’t.

  4. Last night the secret password at Ink48 in NYC got us a $30 credit toward incidentals. It was the icing on the cake for a $150 promo rate including double Kimpton Karma stay credits, Inner Circle amenity, Raid the Mini Bar and wine hour.

  5. I was at the Miami kimpton and I got club access and additional $45 for minibar spend while on a lowly $140ish gov rate. A score for sure…

  6. Paloma’s in Philadelphia had you draw a card from a child’s sand pail. Received a late checkout permit. Didn’t need that as I was leaving at 7am. So I drew again and got a credit for a free freshly juiced juice at breakfast ($10 value).

    Also, follow up on Inner Circle status upgrades: I was put in a nice suite despite booking into the lowest standard room.

  7. Hmm… How many “Ivan Y”s are there on this blog?

    ~ Original Ivan Y. who doesn’t work for the government 😛

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